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Oh nelly, today is the SECOND day of summer break at our house, and I’m in the “adjustment period” – the first week (or two!) of getting used to having the kiddos at home. It’s a bit stressful, so yesterday while the boys were at a short camp, I decided to do some watercolor painting to calm myself. 
Watercolor is actually quite difficult – in my next life I’d love to take the time to master it (maybe in retirement?). But it can be quite relaxing if you allow yourself to let loose and not take it too seriously. I tend to be very precise in my style of work, so watercolor gives me the opportunity to loosen up and think about shapes rather than details. 
Shockingly, I’m celebrating (?) my twenty year anniversary of graduating college (gulp). I have been thinking a lot about those wonderful years, and of a dear college friend whom I rarely get to see, or even talk to with our busy lives, anymore. I thought I’d send her a card letting her know that I’m thinking about her. I also have a friend who turns 40 this week! We are planning a big surprise party for her, so I thought a painted card would be a nice addition to my gift. 
To keep it simple, since I only have two hours while the boys are gone, I went with my Windsor and Newton palette rather than getting out all the tubes and what not. This set is super handy and portable, making it much more convenient to practice watercolor painting. For the cards, I used the Strathmore Watercolor Cards. I’ve never used these before and they worked out perfectly! It was so nice to not have to cut and fold my own watercolor paper. 
I always warm up by practicing and establishing a color palette on inexpensive paper. However sometimes the results of practice are better than the final piece! I’m loving that bouquet in the lower right corner!

I can’t wait to give these cards to my friends. A handmade piece makes it that much more special.
Hope you all have a lovely week and have fun creating! XOXO, Erin @eringermandesign

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  1. These are beautiful!! Stunning actually!! I don't see any stamps. . . you created these freehand!! Even more stunning.

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