Destination WEDDING!

Destination WEDDING

Hola!  Welcome to my Destination Wedding Blog Post!  I have been honored to create wedding invitation suites for clients all over the US and abroad for brides from foreign countries to those traveling to foreign countries for their nuptials.  I currently have the pleasure of creating an invitation suite for a client getting married in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  After meeting with my bride, Noelle and her mother, Gilda, we decided to incorporate the beautiful Universidad del Sagrado Corazon chapel into the invitation.

An image of the building was scanned into my computer and painstakingly re-drawn (with the help of my talented graphic designer niece) using various tools in Adobe Illustrator.  Once the black and white image was returned to me, I made additional adjustments to the image, adding some detailed linework and adjusting the shadows, highlights and scale of the image for the plate reproduction for letterpress.  I also selected a pretty cartouche for the top of the invitation to mimic the circular design in the pediment of the chapel.  Once the plate was created, I letterpressed the image on a very thick cotton paper stock which is available at Cut Card Stock.  in a very pale blue-green color.  The color was selected to match the subtle color painted on the chapel and the metallic paper we chose for the envelope linings.  The lining paper was Cut Card Stock Stardream Aquamarine.

We then worked on the other design elements which included a cypher combination of the bride and groom’s first initials for the top of the invitation and of course the type-set of the text.  We chose a combination of calligraphy and block print for the letting to give a nice balance to the stately elements of the Greek Revival columns and pediment and the fine detailing found on the window mullions and frieze work.  The second layer of the invitation was printed in warm grey letterpress ink.

The envelope liners were cut using a custom made cutting die to fit into the inner envelopes.  This cutting die is fitted for the letterpress machine but is created with cutting blades.  The rollers must be removed from the machine while cutting the liners or they will be destroyed by the blades!

After the liners were cut, they were inserted into the inner envelopes and secured into place.  I used
Cut Card Stock Double Sided Adhesive to secure the liners in for this job.

The remaining pieces were letterpressed and the edges of the paper pained with metallic gold to complete the invitation suite.  It is my hope this invitation will not only reflect the beauty and exquisite taste of the bride, but will also serve as a little piece of hand-created art for each guest invited to the wedding.  
Muchas Gracias!

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