Tepee for Christmas?

I know the tepee cards seem to have been around for a long time and while making some
 -just to practice- because I had never made one before, the idea came to mind.
Tepees for Christmas. Yes! Why not, right? I said to myself.
 I started gathering what I needed: cardstock, embossing folder, ink, scoring board and adhesive.
I grabbed some green, red and white cardstock from the Pop Tones collection and cut 3 square pieces at 4 x 4″ that I embossed and inked to achieve a distressed look that coordinates a bit with my distressed Christmas Cards.
After I inked them I needed to score them down the middle as shown above. Try your best to align the points but if you don’t and when you fold is not even, you can always make adjustments with your scissors.
After scoring, it was time to adhere the three pieces together. I started with the white piece making sure I positioned the green piece just next to the scored line as shown in the left pic. At this point, I also double check if any adjustments were needed and where I was supposed to apply the score-tape. After that, I added the score-tape to the back of the green cardstock and adhered it to the white cardstock. I did the same process for the red piece that was going to be on the left side. In the pics above you can also see how it needs to look before you close it to make the tepee.
(Note how I adhered the score tape. If you add adhesive to the entire edge, you will have exposed adhesive where you do not want it. Make sure you make a pencil mark where you need to add the adhesive). 
This is how you close it: tape the green over the white or vice-versa. It does not matter unless you would like to match the colors or patterned paper if you decide you want to add the later.
I am showing here the 3 different sides after taped them close with more score tape. you do not need score-tape for any of it, you can use liquid glue too but you have to make sure you have a good bond.
I had mentioned I started with 3 pieces of 4 x 4″ cardstock. That is the biggest size I cut and the base of the tepee trees. I also cut 3 pieces at 3 x 3″ and 3 pieces at 2 x 2″ and followed the same steps.
Now, I had three different sizes I could mount on top of each other and give the trees more dimension. 
To the left, you see how it looks after being stacked from the biggest to the smaller and on the second pic you see the tree sizes (4, 3, and 2) and some snow tops I made from 1 square white cardstock. I thought it would great with some imaginary snow. The third pic shows one of the folds.
At the end, I decided to add some bling and I added some tiny ornaments I made using the gold glitter cardstock and a paper punch.
I apologize for the many pics but I thought they were my best bet to show the process. Remember, this was my first time making these tepee cards and I know there are tons of tutorial videos on the web but if you have any questions, feel free to do so in the comments area.
Hope you enjoyed your visit today.
Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to check out my tepees.
As many paper projects, they have infinite uses and sometimes just changing colors will do.
Have a great week!
Cut Cardstock Supplies Used:

Pop-Tone Discount Card StockScor-Tape for paper crafting

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