What do YOU do with your paper scraps?  As a letterpresser, I have an abundance of paper scraps ranging in all shapes, sizes, colors, textures and weights.  I recycle all scraps that are too small to upcycle and once in awhile make these mini notepads with the larger pieces to tuck into my clients’ product packaging, mail with samples of my work to prospective clients or just place them around the house for quick note-taking.

Making these quick mini pads is a breeze! All you need are your paper scraps, some backing paper such as CutCardStock’s Kraft Chipboard, a good quality paper cutter, a heavy weight or brick, padding compound and a sharp razor.

Cut paper scraps and chipboard into desired size for pad.  I used 4 X 4.5 for most of mine.
In the above photo I used scraps of hand-marbled paper I used to line a client’s wedding invitation envelopes.  Some of the other papers I used for the notepads were Gmund Cotton Card Stock, color Gentlemen Blue, Stardream Metallic Silver, Crane Lettra and a fleur-de-lis

gift wrap imported from Italy which I had also used for envelope liners.

I letterpressed a greeting “Compliments of Della Carta Studio” on one page for each pad.
I gathered and stacked several pads and placed a heavy weight on top.
Then applied two layers of Padding Compound along the top edge of each pad.
The compound dried clear after about an hour.
After the compound was dry, I cut in between each notepad with a sharp blade.
Voile’!  Notepads galore!!!  Quick and easy way to upcycle your scrap paper!

A Little Lagniappe…….

These “Game On” notepads were created as a small fund-raiser for cancer patients.
My family, like so many others has been touched by cancer.  I have two brothers battling currently (one is 38 with a rare brain cancer, and the other is 50 with pancreatic cancer).  We adopted “Game On” for my brother with pancreatic cancer and “No One Fights Alone” for my brother with brain cancer.  I letterpressed the words with the dot of the exclamation point a cancer ribbon in the colors which represent different kinds of cancer.  Please remember to reach out to those faced with these and other dreadful diseases.  It’s the small things that mean so much to them and their caretakers.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.  As always, I look forward to hearing from you and seeing your unique creations. To see more of my work, please visit my website:


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