An Autumn Ensemble

A very Happy Tuesday to everyone! It is such a joy to see you visiting our blog where we love to show you how we use the products from the CutCardStock store. For my project this time I made a vase for sunflowers and a basket full of note cards.

I started out with a straight edge clear glass vase which you can pick up in the dollar stores or from shops like Crate and Barrel, which is where I purchased this one. I then selected autumn colors of cardstock–Basis Orange, Flavours Gourmet Carmelized Mustard, Basis Olive, and  PopTone Tangy Orange. I also secured 5/16″ dowels which I cut to 6″ long which is the height of the vase. I think they are usually 36″ long and can be found in Walmart or any craft store.
After measuring around the dowels, I cut the cardstock into 6″ X 1 3/8″ strips which would give enough for a bit of a lap. I then ran 1/2″ Scor-Tape down each side edge of the strips as well as around the top, middle, and bottom of the vase.

 I then wrapped a strip of CS around each dowel. And I have a hint here which proved so necessary after several mishaps..haha  Remove the tape backing off of only one side at a time, place the dowel evenly in the middle of the strip and roll the dowel over the sticky tape, and continue to roll the dowel all the way over the tape with the backing. This will give a curvature to the strip and will be so much easier to handle. Remove the second strip of tape and roll the dowel over it to cover it completely.

After I had all of the dowels covered I then removed the backing from the tape around the vase and began standing the dowels upright around the vase, making sure that the seams were against the vase.
 I also adhered some silk ivy leaves around the top for a prettier finish.
To finish the vase I added a strip of burlap around the middle and tied it with burlap twine and filled it with sunflowers.
And there is a bit more to this story!! After I had my project completed, I was strolling through Michaels and saw a little basket on sale which matched my project exactly. The pictures don’t show the colors exactly but IRL they are exact matches. All I did to the basket was add ivy leaves and a bit of burlap and twine.
I had so many scraps left after this project, that I decided to use them to make some very simple note cards to put into the little basket. I die cut several different sentiments using an IO die and adhered them to the note cards. I made 5 of each color using the various sentiments. I used Basis Natural A-2 Folded Invitations and Basis Natural A-2 Envelopes.
Thank you so much for coming by today and I would love to hear what you think about my project and if you try it, I would love to see your creations! Until the next time, big hugs from Jacque!
CutCardStock products used in this project:

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  1. What are the odds you'd come across a matching basket…it was meant to be! I never have seen someone cover the rods with paper like that and it's sensational the way that looks with the sunflowers. The entire coordinating set is just Autumn bliss!

  2. What an awesome idea Jacque, and it looks fantastic. Great idea too with the little basket, it´s so cute and fitts sooo well with the beautiful vase and sunflowers, and to use the leftovers for these small noteccards are just brilliant, think I´ll have to adopt that idea too.Have a great day everyone and lots of great fun too.

  3. Oh this is fabulous something everyone could do and think why didn't I think of that. Just love the colours my fave thing about autumn the colours and stunning flowers. Amazing with basket. Xx

  4. A beautiful fall set. Great tips on rolling the dowels up. I like the little frill of leaves. They give it such a nice finished look. How lucky were you to find a matching basket! I like the note cards and this same idea could also be used as little place markers.Thank you for sharing your pretty ensemble! 🙂

  5. Love it! Autumn is my favorite time of year- I love the colors, the activities, the bounty of the harvest, and best of all thanksgiving! This would be a wonderful addition to fall decorating.

  6. Love Autumn & anxious to welcoming a \”new Autumn\” come Jan. 15 of my first Grandchild!! Made invitations for the baby shower as well as different cards for all the gifts I have made & bought!

  7. What ab interesting idea and so original, I loved the colours you chose,I'm thinking of using similar colours on my next card…if I can just remember where I put my card Kath Fae Scotland

  8. Wonderful ideas ! I love the colors and the shapes and you made me love this season, not an easy thing since I am a Spring person ! Thank you for the tutorial !Cris

  9. Clever idea very useful and fab project!! I love this autumnal colours!!Thanks for the tutorial and for the chance to win your fab candy on !I put your pic in my sidebar

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