Potted Pal Thank you Card – shading die cuts with markers

There are so many colors to choose from over at Cut Cardstock – you can make anything! Today, I am sharing a Thank You card with a cute plant in a kitty pot! You can step up your die cuts by using markers to create some shading – let’s get started!

These are the colors I am using today for our kitty and plant – Basis Gold, Pop-Tone Banana Split, Pop-Tone Gumdrop Green, Pop-Tone Pink Lemonade, and Pop-Tone Black Licorice (not pictured – sorry!).

When making cards with a lot of die cutting like this one, I like to use a little tray to help keep my pieces safe from falling onto the floor or into the trash.

I used a slightly darker yellow color just to add some shading on the outer edge of the kitty’s face using a flicking motion with a Copic maker. It will look darker when you first put it on, but will dry back a little lighter. If you’re not sure what color will look best, you can use a small scrap of the same color paper to test out colors.

When it is time to add the little detail die cute, I like to add my glue to all the spots first and then pick up the pieces with an embellishment wand to get them into place.

Ahhh, it’s so cute! This die set is meant for this kitty to be a planter, but you could use it on its own just for the cute kitty face!

I used the same technique to add some shading to the greenery as well.

Don’t be afraid to cut up those die cuts! I thought that the planter needed more than one of these greenery pieces, but 2 seemed like too much. I cut off part of one and I thought it looked perfect!

I also cut up my foam squares as needed to fit into smaller places. Using a pick tool helps get these small pieces of foam right where you want them to go.

Next is our background! This die is perfect to add a little interest to the background, but all those little pieces can make it hard to glue down. When I am die cutting intricate dies like this, I first put a piece of double sided adhesive on the back of the cardstock and then once die cut, we have a sticker! For this piece, I used the Stardream Metallic Rose Quartz (I can’t stop myself from using these gorgeous metallic cardstocks!!)

I did the same with adding double sided adhesive to the back of the cardstock prior to die cutting the sentiment and sentiment shadow as well. The “thanks” is cut from the Bright Gold Foil cardstock. This cardstock is gorgeous and shiny, and cuts beautifully!

I also LOVE to keep the Cougar White 110# pre cut and pre scored A2 card bases on hand for my cards – they are amazing quality and so convenient!

Tweezers help when placing die cuts – it helps keep my fingers out of the way so I can see better!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed our project today! Cut Cardstock has so much amazing quality cardstock – the possibilities are endless!

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