Friendsgiving Utensil Holders

Before the term “Friendsgiving” came to be, my husband and I hosted many “friendsgiving” events. We were newly married and worked in a restaurant, so a traditional Thanksgiving day off was not on our radar.

We often had to work that day, and had many college friends that couldn’t go home for the holiday. We invited friends over, sometimes at 10pm at night, to have turkey and trimmings.

Now, this has become one of the coolest trends – and if you have hosted one, you know it’s often a more casual affair. So, I have a quick and easy table idea for you to jazz up that plastic table setting! These are quick to assemble in mass…and I took advantage of my printer to make it go even faster.

I’m starting with the prettiest paper I know – the Stardream Metallic collections! There really is no prettier colors on the market, and for this project I’m using Stardream Metallic Copper and Stardream Metallic Ruby because it matches the paper napkins I bought. Cut as many as you need at a 11″ by 4.5″ cut, then score them at 5.5″.

Next, fold up the paper and glue only on the 2 side edges, to form a pocket. Let this dry (and I do recommend wet glue for a secure hold). These papers make a pretty backdrop for some plaid napkins that I picked up, and I was looking for a reason to use them. I’ve cut another strip of Stardream Metallic Fairway at 4.5” by 2” to be a border.

Take this border strip and emboss with your favorite embossing folder – the Stardream paper looks so amazing with embossing! Glue this to the front of the pocket.

Print your message, or friend’s names, on Neenah Classic Solar White in your printer. If you like the font, it’s a Microsoft Word standard one, called Monotype Corsiva. Then, cut these out with a top note style die cut of your choice, and attach with some foam tape.

The Stardream paper is secure enough to hold your napkin, utensils and even a small treat if you wish! Now your table will look casual but planned and you don’t have to spend time or money on any fancy table settings.

These pockets are perfect for a pack of crayons at your little one’s Thanksgiving table too. In fact, the ideas are endless! Make sure to check out the Stardream Metallic papers at CutCardStock – there are so many great holiday things you can make with this collection. Happy dining, everyone!

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