Halloween Shaker Cards

Howdy y’all! Misty @Mommyof5kidz here with you today to share a pair of Halloween inspired shaker cards.
Let’s be honest…we all know that I am terrible at making cards. They do not ever seen to come out like I planned, and I always end up going way overboard. In short, card making is NOT my strength. However, with World Card Making Day this past weekend, I decided to give it a go. Even though I am aware that I am not a card maker, I realize that a handmade card is better to give to someone you love than a store bought one ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. Rather than make the focus on the card itself, I decided to focus on one of my favorite techniques-making shakers. Now THAT is something that I love to do! With that in mind, I set to work on my cards.

To begin, I had to cut out my shaker pieces. I decided to make a trio of Tricksters using a cutfile from Peartree Cutfiles. I made the cut several times to have all the pieces ready to start assembly. As you know, shakers require a bit of thickness for the elements to be able to move around. Therefore, I cut the files 3 times each using Cougar White Heavy Weight 160lb Cardstock and then one time each using Stardream Metallic Onyx Black Cardstock. The Cougar White is thick so , by layering the 3 pieces together, it created the thickness that I needed for the shakers.

Building The Shakers

Once I had the elements cut out and pieced together, I added the acetate. While I prefer to use a quick drying wet glue, you can use whatever you have on hand. Glue the top piece of your shaker onto your acetate and let the glue dry. After letting the glue dry, then cut any excess off so that the final result is clean and will sit flush with the rest of the pieces of your shaker. Set these aside, as you will not need them until the very end.
Next, you will need to put a baking onto your bottom cutfile. I like to start with the more intricate pieces first, then all the larger pieces last. As you’ll notice in the photo below, I have backed the eyes, mouth, nose etc. of the pumpkin first, then I place it on top of my final backing color. I used Stardream Metallic Gold and Stardream Metallic Flame for the body of my pumpkin…so cute! This makes for less cuts and saves a lot of time in the process. Once I have everything trimmed, I will add in my shaker elements.


So, we have cut our files, layered and glued them together, added the acetate and the backing. What is left to do? ADD THAT SHAKE! This is my favorite part, simply because thee are so many glitter and sequin mixes out there, and not to mention you can make your own! Mix whatever colors, shapes, and sizes you want as long as they are not thicker than the body of your shaker. Concocting sequin mixes is one of my favorite things to do. However, the ones I used for my shakers were used just exactly as I bought them. I do enjoy dumping the mix into the shakers. I think it may be the baker in me that loves it so much. After owning my own custom cake shop for over a decade, I guess these shaker mixes remind me of cupcake sprinkles! Similarly, they are the final step before adding the top to your shaker.

Finishing it Up

Once the shakers are filled and the elements all lay below the top, add your final piece. The acetate piece is the most important in my opinion, because this is your “window” as well as your lid! You want to hold it all in, but you still want to see all the pretty pieces! To finish my cards, I simply glued my shakers to a small notecard and called it a day! It isn’t perfect, but I love them! Like I said, a handmade card is better ALL DAY EVERY DAY, because they are always made with love!
Thank you all for visiting today, Head on over to CutCardStock and grab the materials to make your own card for your loved ones this season!

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