One Rainbow, Two cards!

I love rainbows – they are perfect for so many occasions. Today, I am sharing a project where we can get two cards from one rainbow, and making pet sympathy cards.

To start, I pulled out 6 different colors of Stardream Metallic cardstock (the rainbow die that I have allows for 6 different colors) : Jupiter, Flame, Gold, Fairway, Lagoon, and Amethyst. I LOVE THESE CARDSTOCKS! The shimmer is amazing, and I love how thick they are.

I cut two rainbows from each color because I wanted to make 4 cards. I tried to keep the rainbow pieces together after it was cut and only took out the piece that I needed for this card. I feel like if I take out all the pieces, then I spend so much time looking for the right size for the color that comes next in the rainbow. I put the pieces that I wouldn’t need for this project off to the side to keep for another project.

Do you know another product from Cut Cardstock that I love?! The pre-cut and pre-scored card bases!! I used the Cougar White A2 card bases for this project. I love how convenient these are to have around, just fold and go!

To put my rainbows together, I first put down a piece of low tack tape, with the ends tucked under, so it was stuck to my glass mat and sticky side was up. This makes it easy to build the rainbow.

When the rainbow is all put together, put another piece of low tack tape across the front of the rainbow to keep it all together.

Then, we can take it off of the piece of tape that we built it on, flip it over, and apply glue to one half of the rainbow.

Align the half of the rainbow that has the glue on it to your card – the other half will be hanging off of the edge.

You can then put glue on the half of the rainbow that is hanging off the edge and align another card base under that one.

Once the glue was dry, I used a craft knife to cut the rainbows apart between the cards, and Voila! We have two rainbow cards!

I added some clouds that were die cut from the Stardream Metallic Crystal, and some dog and cat silhouettes cut from the Stardream Metallic Onyx. A sentiment was stamped and these cards are finished!

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