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Hi everyone, Sarah here again with a simple new project. In this digital age, sending a heartfelt, handmade card can truly make someone’s day. There’s something special about knowing that you’ve put time and effort into creating a personalized greeting. Today, we’ll guide you through the process of making a simple yet stunning card using readily available supplies. So, grab your supplies and let’s get started!

Materials Needed:

  • Cardstock: Choose a sturdy cardstock in your desired color. A standard size of 8.5×11 inches should suffice. Consider using textured or patterned cardstock for added visual interest. I used Pop Tones Cardstock in Black Licorice and an A2 Folded Card as the base.
  • Embossing Folder: Select an embossing folder with a design that appeals to you. There are countless options available in craft stores or online. Look for designs that match your theme or occasion.
  • Die Cut: Pick a die cut shape or design that complements your chosen theme or occasion. Alternatively, you can create your own using a die-cutting machine. Die cuts can be floral, geometric, or any shape that resonates with your card’s message. For this card, I used a stamp from the Just Wanna have Wine stamp set from Picket Fence. I also have the coordinating die set so I was able to die cut out the sentiment.
  • Tag: A small tag will add a lovely touch to your card. You can find pre-made tags in various shapes or create your own using a tag punch or template. Choose a tag color that harmonizes with your overall card design.

Step 1: Preparing the Card Base

  1. Take the cardstock and cut it to the desired size for your card. I cut it so it would fit completely on top of my card base. A standard size is usually 5×7 inches, but feel free to adjust it according to your preference. A paper trimmer or a ruler and craft knife can help you achieve clean, straight edges.

Step 2: Adding Texture with Embossing

Open the embossing folder and insert the cardstock into the folder, aligning it with the desired area of the design. Make sure the cardstock is centered within the folder for an even embossing effect.

Close the folder carefully, ensuring that the cardstock remains in place. It’s a good idea to secure the folder with low-tack tape to prevent any shifting during embossing.

Run the folder through a manual die-cutting machine or an embossing machine, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Apply gentle pressure to ensure the design transfers onto the cardstock.

Once the cardstock has passed through the machine, carefully remove it from the embossing folder. Admire the beautiful raised pattern that has been embossed onto the front of your card.

Next, I used a white ink pad and an ink blending brush to lightly apply the white ink to the raised portions of the embossing.

Step 3: Incorporating a Die Cut Element

Select your chosen die cut and place it on a flat surface. Consider using contrasting or coordinating colors to make the die cut stand out. Since I used a stamp and die, I stamped the image on the cardstock then line up the die and taped it in place using washi tape.

Hold the die cut in place and run it through the die-cutting machine, ensuring that the cutting edges are aligned with the cardstock. Apply sufficient pressure to cut out the shape cleanly.

Step 4: Decorating with a Tag

Attach the die cut to the tag. I played around with placement before I taped it into place.

Attach the tag to the card using adhesive, positioning it in a way that complements the overall design. You can affix it directly onto the cardstock or use foam adhesive dots to create a raised effect.

If desired, you can further embellish the tag with ribbons, twine, or small decorative elements that enhance the card’s theme. For example, thread a thin ribbon through the hole of the tag and tie it in a bow for a charming finishing touch.

Crafting a handmade card allows you to express your creativity and thoughtfulness while creating a lasting impression. By using cardstock, an embossing folder, a die cut, and a tag, you can design a beautiful and personalized card for any occasion. Remember, the possibilities are endless, and each card will be as unique as the person you’re sending it to. Enjoy the process of creating something special and bring joy to your loved ones with your heartfelt creations. Happy crafting!

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