Hi Y’all and Happy Monday to you! I hope everyone had a Super weekend and you are ready to face the week! Misty here with you today to share a Super easy DIY project with you. Thank you fro popping over to take a look! As you know, I have shared a few times that my youngest daughter is graduating high school this year. Also, I have mentioned that most of my projects will be centered around that. Well, this one is no exception. Only difference is…that girl changed her color scheme MID STREAM! She was wanting lighter blues and silvers to maintain her school colors…now she wants PINK! WHAT!?? Yes. THINK PINK. Oh my Lord that child! Despite having to change EVERYTHING, I am down with the pink!
Thank Goodness Cut Card Stock is super fast with their shipping!!
Anyway, this first Pink Project that I will be sharing with you will be going on the Desert Bar. “S” is for Skye…but it is also for Snack, or Sweet, or even Scrumptious! You get the picture!
Starting with an 8 inch wooden “S” from Hobby Lobby, I set to work.

Covering the Wood

After I had my big wooden S in hand, I gathered my supplies. I knew I wanted it to be all sparkly, so I went directly for my supply of Glitter Cardstocks. When I made this, I did not have ANY pink glitter cardstock on hand yet, so I had to improvise. DCS White Glitter 12×12 Heavyweight Cardstock was my choice for for the body of the S, while CCS Silver 8 1/2 x 11 Glitter Cardstock was the go-to for the leaves. Once I had made my paper decisions, I set to work. Since the letter was 18 inches, I knew that I would have to use 2 full sheets of the DCS White Glitter 12×12 Heavyweight Cardstock to get full coverage.
I centered the split in the cardstock right in the middle of the S. This would ensure that the florals would cover the line. I flipped the wooden letter over and traced the outline onto the glitter paper, then used a razor knife to cut them out.

Assembly Required

As with any DIY project, there is a bit of assembly required. Mod Podge has always been my favorite adhesive for things like this. I keep a large bottle on hand at all times. After using my sponge applicator to completely cover the wood surface with the glue, I affixed the pieces. While making sure the alignment was perfect, I realized that there were a few edges that poked out. Simple fix! I used a razor knife to trim those pesky pieces. Once the foundation was laid, it was time for the fun part! Embellishments!

That handy dandy Cricut Machine of mine has been getting a work out! As I mentioned before, the leaves are cut from CCS Silver 8 1/2 x 11 Glitter Cardstock. These little guys are my all time favorite pieces to add to almost any project. I normally have a plethora on hand, but not this time! I did make sure to cut out plenty of extras for my stash!
Once the letter was covered and the leaves were cut, I began adding the pretty stuff. Starting with silver stranded beads for the outline, I could see it finally coming together.

Finishing Touches

Flowers, Beads, and leaves…OH MY! As I added the elements to the letter, it began a transformation. It went from “Super” to “SPECTACULAR”!! Obviously, the gorgeous Glitter Cardstocks made the whole thing sparkle and shine! Just look are all the sparkle!

Finally! It was finished. I could not have been any more elated with the way this turned out. However, after I show my daughter, I may have to remove some of the “Sparkle” and “Shine”. That girl is definitely girly, but I am the “Extra” one that likes to go over the top with everything! “Oh, it shines? That’s not enough…Lets throw more glitter at it!” Yes, I AM that Mom!!! Again, that is why I am SOOOO thankful for the Super fast shipping that Cut Card Stock provides! I will be able to make more decor for the Grad Party using the gorgeous Pinks! The MirriSparkle Glitter Pink Sapphire Cardstock and the Silk Glitter Princess Pink 12×12 Cardstock will be perfect to use for the ALL PINK Graduation Party this girl wants! I am SO flippin’ excited! Share some of your Pink Party theme ideas with me…I NEED HELP!
Again, I want to thank you for stopping by today! I love being able to share my crafty triumphs with you all! Have a STUPENDOUS week!

Written by

Misty Foresman

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