Congrats card with Vellum

Do you love vellum as much as I do? I love using vellum, but struggle with how to use it on my cards sometimes. Today, I have a project using it with a background die and some partial die cutting.

For this card, I used the Stardream Metallic Fairway for the card base and the 105# Vellum under the die cut background. This vellum is gloriously heavy and is great to use for backgrounds and even as card bases.

To start, I cut a sheet of the Fairway metallic cardstock and scored it to make my card base. I aligned the background die up against the folded side of the card with about 1/8″ hanging off the folded edge. After I used some low tack tape to keep the die in place, I opened it up so the base was laying flat.

When partial die cutting, you set up your regular die cutting sandwich as you would for any die, but make sure to put the top cutting plate (that is my purple one) over the part of the die that you want to cut. I left that small part of the die that was hanging over the folded side of the card out from under the top cutting plate. Whatever is not under the cutting plate, will not cut.

Isn’t that cool?! So you might notice that it is still attached, and that is because there are a couple of places we need to cut with scissors to release it from the rest of the background.

The places that need cut are at the top and the bottom. You just need to snip up to that cut line where the tip of my scissors are, and the background will release.

I love this look! You could even leave it like that, but I like adding vellum to help soften the look a bit.

I cut a piece of vellum to 4 1/4 x 5 1/2″. I opened up the card and applied glue to the back of the die cut leaves and then slipped the vellum inside and right up against the fold.

I added a bouquet of flowers that I had die cut from some more metallic cardstocks : Opal, Gold, Rose Quartz, and the Fairway for the stems and leaves. The Fairway blended in a little too much with the background, so I used a dark green alcohol marker to color over them to help them stand out a little better. I also used a darker pink alcohol marker on some of Rose Quartz to give a little contrast there as well.

I added a foiled sentiment and voila! We have a beautiful, shimmery card – perfect for a wedding, shower, or any other celebration.

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