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Love Notes

Hello! Happy Wednesday, Y’all! Misty here with you today to share a super easy layout with you. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, what a great time to break out all the PINKS in my stash! As a rule, I don’t usually scrapbook with pinks anymore…not since my two little girls grew up to be two big pains. (Kidding! sort of) However, they say there is an exception to every rule, and Valentine’s Day is the exception to that rule. Pretty in Pink is an Understatement! These papers are so gorgeous alone…but when put together, Be Still my Heart!

ALL the Pinks!

I pulled all the pinks from my CutcardStock Stash to see which ones I would want to use. Since there was literally no way for me to choose just a few, I decided to use ALL the Pinks! Well, All the ones that I had on hand anyway. DCS Razzleberry Pink Ice, DCS Pearlized Textured Fruit Punch Pink, and Pop Tone Razzleberry were the first ones I grabbed. I knew I needed some lighter colors, so I also pulled Pop Tone PINK LEMONADE, Pop Tone BUBBLE GUM, and Basis Pink. Knowing my need for all things sparkly, I tossed in some DCS White Glitter and Stardream Metallic Onyx cardstocks for good measure. Satisfied with my choices, and knowing that I had literally pulled ALL the pinks I had on hand, I started my layout.

Laying the Foundation

First, I got my DCS White Glitter 12×12 and pulled out a plethora of paints and other pink mediums. Oh yeah! Something was about to go down and it was going to get messy! Since I have decided the I am doing “Flashback February”, I pulled all the older things from my stash that I have stopped using. Some bottles had dried up, but I got luck and found some that were still flowing! See that Tattered Angels in there!! WOW! I honestly can’t remember how long I have had that.

Anyway, with all these Perfectly Pink Paints and Sprays, I set to work. Splattering, splashing, dripping and dabbing is pretty fun if you think about it! Not to mention, it creates a gorgeous effect when all done together and layered! With my background complete, I needed to get some pink cardstock on this!

Cricut Time!

when planning this layout, I kept think one thing…I Love ALL the Pieces of You! My husband that is. I do, I love all of him, and I wanted him to know that! With that in mind, I decided to use puzzle pieces as my main focal point, and shape them into a heart. When I did this, I thought…I love him with every piece of my heart. SO FLIPPIN’ CHEESY!!! I KNOW!! But it was so cute at the same time, I had to admit.

The Pieces Of My Heart

Once all of the pieces were cut out and assembled to form my heart, It was time to finish the rest. My vellum envelope with heart sprinkles, my “I (heart) You” banner to cross my heart, and my bits and pieces of stickers, tags, and patterned paper from old lines like Little Yellow Bicycle were just what it needed to pull it all together.

While I am not one to use pink very often anymore, I sure FELL IN LOVE with the perfectly pink layout I saw when I finished!! I think my Hunky Hubby will have ALL THE HEART EYES for this layout when I give it to him! Well, I think he will at least PRETEND! lol…We all know those Guys don’t really care much! However, Valentine’s is that one day that they better at least pretend! Head on over to the CutcardStock Store and sock up on your own assortment of Pink Cardstock and show that special someone in YOUR life how much you love them!

ALL the heart eyes for this Pretty in Pink Scrapbook layout!

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