In Food We Trust

Last year we took a spontaneous 1.5 hour trip to eat. Yup! My son found a food truck event and for people who love to eat, it screamed our names!

We made a plan for each of us to order something from a different food truck and then share with everyone. It was a great plan! Although the photo on this layout doesn’t have a food truck in sight, I had to add some. I used the Cricut to find a cute saying and sized it to take up half the page of an 11×11 piece of Basis Red cardstock.

I wanted it to be cut into the piece of cardstock so I attached the image to an 11×11 square. By attaching instead of slicing, I am able to take care of this in one step. If you use the slicing tool, you can only slice one image out of another one. It’s a huge timesaver when you have more than one image. As you can see in the photo, I also found a cute & simple banner for the right hand corner. I adjusted the colors in the banner to fit my color scheme.

Once it was cut, I centered and adhered it to the Wedding Cake white cardstock and then adhered all the middle of the letter pieces.

Once I put the banner on, it was obvious that it needed a little something. That’s where my food truck stamp came in. Since it was an afterthought, I used the cut out pieces of the words and placed them back on the cut outs. This created a mask since I didn’t want the stamped images on the white background piece. Basically, I created my own background paper. It adds so much to the layout and allowed me to use solid cardstock throughout.

I wanted to final layout to have a color block look so I added scraps of the Basis Blue and Basis Gold papers on the sides of the red base (I only need small pieces for the “tucked in” look).

I’m going to be honest with you, I added the Basis Blue block because I had a huge stamped OOPS right under the banner on the right side. I’m sure everyone has heard the term “there is no such things as a mistake in scrapbooking – only an excuse to embellish”. Well, this was definitely one of them!

Cute banners, a stamped & colored food truck, sticker and a road was all that was needed to embellish this fun color block layout.

Close Up:

A white pen added an extra layer of embellishment to the final layout. I feel like I did “all the things” for this one and I love how it turned out at the end!

I hope this encourages you to pull out your stamps and create your own background paper and embellishments. It was a lot of fun!

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