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Crayon Tag Treat Box

It won’t be long until school starts again, and it’s so hard to believe how fast the year goes! Here in the Southwest, the schools start in early August. If you are looking for a way to celebrate your student, or provide a little token of appreciation for a teacher this year – I think this project is for you!

I remember when I was little I would get a brand new box of crayons. What a fun treat that was back then! Well, this treat box is a small reminder of those days. I think one in every CutCardStock color would be great for all the students (or teachers) in your life. Fill them with supplies or treats and you are good to go!

I’m starting with a couple colors: Astrobright Solar Yellow, Pop Tone Limeade Green and Pop Tone Wild Cherry Red. These are cut at a 5.5″ by 5″ square, and a 2.5″ by 5″ strip. Save your scraps for some trim later!

Next, I’m cutting a Basis Black piece at a 2.5″ by 3.5″ measurement, and then cutting an oval out of the middle with a die cut.

To make the crayon front, you’ll take the top of the 2.5″ strip of Astrobright Solar Yellow, Pop Tone Limeade Green and Pop Tone Wild Cherry Red and cut the top off with a tag punch! Cute, right?? If you don’t have one, a similar shaped tag die cut will work, just slip the top part under the cutting edge. Or…just cut it like a triangle! Glue the Basis Black piece to the top front.

You can add zig zags like a crayon to the Basis Black piece on the front by using an edging scissors or a rickrack die cut. Glue to the top and bottom sides of the oval.

Ok, now for the box. Take the paper squares and add fold (scored) lines at a .5″, 3″ and 5″ on the long side and .5″, and 3″ on the short side. These will be folded up, with the exception of the bottom 2 corner pieces, like in the picture. Trim these corners off like an “L” with a scissors. Once folded, glue the tabs in on itself. This becomes the back of your box!

Next, I’ve stamped a sentiment on the Basis White paper using an old letter stamp set and another sentiment stamp set in my stash. I thought it would be fun to color in the letter with a coordinating color marker along with dusting the edge of the Basis White oval with a coordinating ink. Glue this in the middle of your crayon shape.

Now, take your tag front and glue it to your box. I like to use clothespins to hold it together until it’s dry.

My final additions were to add some rickrack ribbon to the hole in the top and highlight areas with a white gel pen.

This size is so nice for a granola bar or candy, assorted markers and pencils or other school supplies. You could even turn this into a bag to hang on a door handle!

Do you send treats with your students at the beginning of the year? Or send gifts to teachers? I’d love to hear what you’re making for students and/or teachers and invite you to come interact with us on the CutCardStock Facebook page. Thanks everyone – see you next time!

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