Dad’s Day Scrapbook Layout

Hi y’all! Misty here today to share a mixed media scrapbook layout that I made honoring my Dear Old Dad! I know, I know…Mother’s Day just passed and you don’t even want to think about Father’s Day yet…but it will be here before you know it! So my question for you is…have you ever given your dad a scrapbook?
Years ago, for Christmas, I gave my dad a scrapbook that I had made for him. It had all of his kids and grandkids (at the time), as well as his parents, siblings, and even some of his own childhood photos. He looked through it for a bit, and then he went into another room to be alone as he read the journaling. Y’all, back then, my Dad was a BIG guy! He was 6 feet, bumping 300 pounds, and his hands were the size of my whole baby! LOL When I peeked in on him, he was crying. That mountain of a man had tears streaming and a smile on his face. I knew then that I had done something right. Occasionally, I like to surprise him with a new layout to add to that book. It has been a while, so I decided it was time.

“Planning” Phase:
Gathering Materials

My Dad is a big, burly, manly-man, so I knew that I wanted to try to create a “rough & rugged” looking layout. As with any well constructed house or building, I knew this layout needed to be carefully planned to achieve the “look” that I was wanting. My Dad is what most people would refer to as a “handy-man”, but he is SO much more than that. He builds everything from bookshelves to houses and he repairs everything from washing mahines to vehicles. This is a man who has worked with every building material known to man and probably more. He is a Master in his trade, and Lord knows that I have needed to call on him a time or two over the years. With this in mind, I gathered the materials that I thought would help to “build” my rough and rugged layout.
From the Cut CardStock store, I used:
Basis Cardstock in colors: Black , White , Teal , and Gray
Basis 8.5 x 11 Assortment Pack
Kraft Chipboard .05
Brown Bag 8.5 x 11 Kraft Text Paper
DCS Arrowhead Gray 12 x 12 Pearlized Textured

“Preparation” Phase:
Cutting it all Out

Once my materials were gathered, I began cutting out my parts and pieces with my Cricut Maker. I cut out a chain, hooks, barbed wire, bricks, cogs, and gears… all to add to the “construction” element of my layout. I also cut out some file folders with the various cardstocks to layer behind my photo to be able to add some hidden journaling on. My favorite part of this whole process was making the cogs and gears look rusty and used. Those were cut using the Kraft Chipboard .05 and I think I am now addicted!

“Design” Phase:
Making the Cogs and Gears

I love to add chipboard elements to my layouts, but they can be so expensive! As I was browsing the site one day, I noticed that Cut Cardstock carries chipboard, so I got to thinking…what if I make my own chipboard pieces? Well, that is exactly what I did. If I am going to cut out chipboard elements, I may as well do a whole 8.5×11 sheet, right? Well, I did…and it was TOTALLY worth it!! The end result was high quality elements that were designed to fit my project and my needs. They were the right size, there were PLENTY so I didn’t have to “use sparingly”, and if I messed one up…it was OK…there was still plenty more to work with! Even though it took over 6 hours of cutting to complete one whole sheet, I will definitely be designing my own going forward!

I cut the larger sheet of chipboard elements into smaller portions. Next, I used various shades of metallic paints to add texture and color to the raw chipboard. A shimmery silver texture paint served as my base coat. I used a copper and patina texture paste in random spots giving the pieces a “weathered” look. For the final touch, I chose a chocolate colored mist and sprayed a light layer over the top. The final result was exactly what I had hoped.

“Building” Phase:

Everyone knows that a well built home needs to have a solid foundation. With that in mind, I built my foundation for this layout using a cardstock that has stood the test of time and endured… Basis Black. After I had my foundation, I added a layer of “brick” using the brick frame that I had cut with the DCS Arrowhead Gray 12 x 12 Pearlized Textured and topped it with a wood look paterned paper.

“Finishing Phase:
Adding the Final Touches

The Structure was built, which meant it was time to add in the main elements. I chose one of my favorite photos of my Dad and I to be the focal point of this “architectural masterpiece.” (HA HA HA!) The file folders served as layers for this photo, and doubled as a spot for some hidden jornaling. In order to add dimension, I used a piece of cardboard and splattered on some white gesso to mimick the look of sheetrocking compound. Y’all…if you can’t tell by now, I was invested in making this look like it took time and work to “build”! Next, I added the hooks and gears. Originally, I had planned to just hang the hooks from the chain; however, I cut a slit into my mounted photo at the top, just large enough to slide the hook through, and I hung my photo! (sort of)

Interactive Elements

I love adding surprise interactive elements. In this layout, the hook that holds the photo was not glued, but attached with a single brad. This allowed the hook to be able to swing back and forth, in order to expose another layer of hidden journaling. My kids always look for the hidden journaling in my layouts, as they KNOW it is going to be in there somewhere!

I fiished my layout off with the title, some paint spatters, and a splash of color. Once it was complete, I realized that I had successfully represented several different building materials, and that made me happy!
The foundation of this layout may be cardstock, but my dad will definitaly be able to relate to what all that cardstock represents.

Whew, who knew that “building” a layout for Dad could be so exhausting? HA HA! I truly enjoyed the creative process of this layout, and I hope that I have inspired you! I invite you to head over to the Cut CardStock online store to chech out this month’s specials. Maybe even take time to browse a little, who knows what surprise you might find. I found the Kraft Chipboard .05 while I was browsing one day, and I am so glad that I did!

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