Candy Cane Striped Treat Holders

Do you do holiday entertaining? One of my favorite things to do is set up a holiday table! This year, I’m doing a red and white motif in my dining room, and I wanted to have something on the plates that is eye catching, but also something that guests can take home with them.

This treat holder is easy to assemble because the base is a simple paper towel tube and the awesome CutCardStock papers in red, white and green that are on sale this month!

For the candy base, I’ve chosen an eye catching Red Glitter card stock to work with. Did you know you can also have your paper custom cut for you? Mine was cut to a 4.25″ by 5.5″ card size. It’s the perfect width for my candy cane roll! I am also using the Pop Tone Sweet Tooth paper (is the candy reference a coincidence?). My final choice is a discontinued paper but is very similar to the Stardream Metallic Rose Quartz.

I first cut the Pop Tone Sweet Tooth paper in a 4.25″ width, then wrapped it around the paper tube, securing with glue. I’ve cut off any access. Next I take the Red Glitter sheet and wrap it around the white base, gluing this down with runner tape.

My next step was to add the candy stripes – first, a strip of Pop Tone Sweet Tooth, cut at a 1/2″ wide. Adhesive tape works well for this. Next, I’m adding 2 strips of the Stardream Metallic Rose Quartz paper, cut at a 1/4″ wide. These were glued, then set aside to dry. Trim off any extra ends with a detail scissors.

While the rolls were drying, I got out my die cuts and cut a few sprigs of leaves from both the DCS Discount Textured Bonzai Green and the Pop Tone Gum Drop Green paper. On the tips, I’ve added some red sparkle glue and let this dry. These will be attached to the ribbon ends of my candy rolls during assembly.

Now to fill the treats – this shape resembles the traditional toy crackers, so I thought it would be fun to work with a softer paper for the wrapper ends. I’ve picked the Thai Tamarine Pink paper, cut a sheet at 7” by 12”, and filled it with candy. I rolled up the edges of this paper, then taped it and slid it through the middle of the paper tube. Ribbon accents on each end finish up the look, along with the sprigs of Bonzai Green and Gum Drop Green leaves.

This treat is SO easy and your recipients will think you spent lots of hours and money on a handmade creation! You can add these to a tree, string several up for a garland, or even leave them on a desk at school or work too.

Go scoop up the delicious CutCardStock red, white and green papers this month! I hope you enjoyed this little project – feel free to pin this to your holiday Pinterest boards too. Until next time – happy crafting!

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