I attended a wedding not too long ago that had the prettiest decorations. On the aisle, they hung silk flower balls by a ribbon on a shepherd’s hook. I thought it was lovely! Once I see something like that, my next thought usually is…I can make that!

Considering the cost of silk flowers, I thought this might be a great project to tackle, so I decided to make it as a project with the gorgeous gold CutCardStock options – and it turned out so great, I wanted to share it with you!

This project starts with a 6″ foam ball from any craft outlet. I picked up some short stemmed pearl pins used for sewing projects and then picked out the Classic Linen Gold Pearl card stock, which is a lovely paper – perfect for special celebrations, like weddings.

You could use any 4-5 petal flower punch, die cut or cut out shape you’d like from an electronic cutting machine. I happened to choose a shamrock shape, however, because the negative piece reminded me of a lilac flower.

Then, I started cutting for assembly. This size project took about 45-50 flower shapes to fill in completely, and it is about 2″ in width. I cross-crossed 2 shapes, rolling the leaves of the top flower for dimension.

Once my flowers were cut, I chose an Ivory Sheer Organza Ribbon, which is a lovely complement to the Classic Linen Gold. I cut a piece to loop up at the top and secured it with a couple of the pearl pins.

I pinned on the flowers, working my way down from the top, and layering them slightly over each other as I pinned. If there were gaps, I’d move a flower or twist them occasionally. My suggestion would be that if you don’t like the white showing through underneath, paint the foam ball with a base color prior to adding the flowers.

That pin goes right into the foam ball without any need for glue. However, I do recommend if you want it to hold up in storage or with a lot of handling, you may want to use a bit of hot glue as well.

After all the flowers were added, it was time to hang it. I like the look of it at an outside wedding, but this project would also make great holiday decor, either hanging from a tree or doorway.

Adding sleigh bells at the bottom with more Ivory Sheer Organza Ribbon is a festive touch too. Where would you add floral decor like this in your home? I’d love to hear your ideas below!

Written by

Maureen Ruangchamneil

Maureen (Mo) discovered joy in paper crafts when she created her first baby's scrapbook album (almost 20 years ago)! If she's taking a break from crafts, it's to hunt hidden Mickeys at Disneyland or sit by her pool with a cup of coffee. You can get "Mo' crafty" with her on A Little Mo Crafty Blog or on Instagram at @alittleMocrafty.