Mini Paper Weaving Hanging

Since I was little, I have been obsessed with creating art with the most basic materials, especially paper. Being on this CutCardStock Design Team for the past year has been a great way to feed that obsession and pushing myself to try new things. My last project might be one of my favorites, and I am so stoked to share with y’all how I made it!

This mini paper weaving features a colorful rainbow, which reminds me that St. Patrick’s Day next month! If only there was a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow!

Below are the supplies used and a step-by-step tutorial on how I made this mini hanging!

First, determine how big (or small) you want your wall hanging and cut out from cardboard. My dimensions were 4in wide by 4.25in tall.

To create a DIY cardboard loom, use a ruler and mark a small line every 0.25in with a pen on both the top and bottom edge. Then, with scissors, cut about 0.20in inwards to create a “fringe”.

Knot on one end of your string and anchor it behind the first fringe cut on the bottom right of your loom. Then, pull string up to the top right notch, bring string down to second to right bottom notch, and so forth until you have wrapped the string around each notch. At the end, knot the string and anchor it behind the loom. Both knots should be behind the loom.

Cut very slim strips of cardstock. Mine were slightly less than 1/8in.

TIP: I suggest using a paper slicer for getting really straight and narrow cuts.

ANOTHER TIP: Be sure the length of these strips is much wider than the width of your hanging.

The width is up to you but the more narrow the strips are, the easier it is to manipulate.

Start weaving the white cardstock and alternate every other. The rainbow was created by inserting the slim strips at an angle.

TIP: I found the tweezer helpful when I couldn’t get my finger in the loom.

Once all the strips were woven through, use heavy-duty scissors to cut the wooden dowel to be about the same width as the loom.

Next, cut a piece of cardstock that is slightly smaller than your hanging. This piece will serve as the backing to keep the weaving in place. Use scrapbooking adhesive to secure the backing piece.

Next, place your ruler on top of the backing piece. This hard straight edge will is helpful when folding back the excess weaving strips. Take your time on this step to ensure all the folded strips are aligned.

Trim the folded strips and glue down to backing with Tombow Mono Liquid Glue.

Now that the weaving is done, let’s add tassels to the bottom edge! Cut very slim strips (slightly more narrow than the weaving strips).

NOTE: I didn’t measure this since it’s hard to do the math when it comes to less than 1/8 inch. I eyeballed it with my paper slicer.

Fold each tassel strip in half and weave the back half down into the first two bottom weaves. With the front half, fold over the second from the bottom weave but insert down into the bottom weave. I used the tweezers a lot on this part.

Then, trim with scissors across the tassels for a clean straight edge.

Cut out another backing piece and use Tombow Glue to secure the final backing over the folded tassels.

Lastly, cut a piece of string and double-knot on both ends of the dowel and hang your masterpiece!

Doesn’t it look so rad?! Especially the textural element…all the heart eyes! 😍😍😍 Love this project as much as I loved making it? Save it to your Pinterest board and weave away my crafty friends!

Christine (@studio_xtine)

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