Flower Christmas Tree Decoration


This year I decided to give my Christmas tree a different look, and I accomplished it by adding these beautiful paper flowers. I used Stardream Metallic Neptune cardstock.

You need 6 almond-shaped petals with measurements of 2.5 inches tall. I used a 1 inch hexagon to attach petals together, so that it is easier to attach them.


When you are done cutting and are ready to start attaching the petals, you need to make a slit cut half way from bottom to top of each petal, then glue them together by overlapping to give the petals shape.


Start attaching the petals to the center hexagon until you are done. I attached a glitter foam ball to the center, too – you can find these at any craft store.

You can attach anything to the back of the flower, depending on if you’re going to hang it on the Christmas tree or not. I decided to just add them onto the tree and they look so beautiful.



If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and remember Stardream Metallic cardstock is on sale this month!



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