Did you see the ABC Primer in my last post?  I’ve added a cover, and today I’ll show you how.  Plus, if you’ve noticed that tiny little book, it’s made the exact same way, only, well, tiny!  More pics of that later . . .
Supplies for the bigger book’s cover:
mat board
PVA glue (but you can use whatever you have
a paintbrush to apply the glue
a piece of unbleached muslin, or cotton, or you could even use a print you like
a book press–bigger books to smash your smaller book work great
waxed paper

Last time, I stitched together the sections/signatures of the book, and glued a piece of unbleached muslin around it, slightly smaller than the book itself.  Here, I’m cutting two pieces of archival mat board, each slightly larger than the two outside pages.  Thicker pieces of chipboard would work just fine.  If you’re experimenting with book making, I suggest not worrying about getting all the fancy schmancy supplies–use what you have, dive in, and try it.  Thus, the mat board, and not book board.

After using PVA glue to adhere the mat board to the first paper in the book, I sandwiched in some waxed paper, and let it sit overnight in my book press.  (Translation:  under the giant dictionary)

More unbleached muslin, this time cut about an inch wider and longer than the open book.  Using the PVA glue again, and adhering the fabric to the outside of the mat board cover, wrapping it around, clipping the corners, and gluing it also to the inside edge of the cover–be sure to burnish it down, using a bone folder or back of a spoon to eliminate any air bubbles.

Applying glue to the entire first page, to burnish it down over the fabric/mat board/paper cover.

Like this.
The plan is to eventually paint the cover, and possible add the grandbaby’s handprints.  The tiny Flower Fairy ABC book also has a painted cover.  Paint AND glitter!
The Flower Fairy has stamping as well as paint, while the ABC Primer has painted backgrounds.

The lower case b’s are from the same stamp in both books!

We’ll finish it off with “E is for . . .”

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