Valentine Gift Giving!

Hey-loo there!! It’s Kristie Larsen here again and I’m excited to be able to share with you some Valentine gifts that I will be giving my boys this year. Now, having aalllll boys, I can’t do things too cute and lovey-dovey so I opted for some bright and fun colours that happen to fit each of my boys taste.

I started with some various colours of card stock. I wanted these specific shades so I crossed over into different brands. I think they all look great together! I trimmed each card stock panel to 3.25 and stamped them with black hearts. I thought it would go great with my sentiment! I also cut some vellum panels at 4.25 and then used an edger to cut a zig zag pattern to peek up from under the coloured card stock.

I die cut some tags using some Neenah Classic Linen paper and stamped my sentiment. I love the texture of this great paper! I used a Zig double sided black pen to add some decorative doodling to the edges of the tag. I wanted it to be a bit more bold. I die cut the ring enforcers in each colour and glued them with Tombow Mono glue to finish off the tag.

I used glue lines to adhere the card stock and the vellum (you can see it peeking out from under the coloured card stock below) and then tied the tags on with some matching ribbon from my stash.

I think they turned out cute! My boys are already begging me to give them early. Being here in Singapore, they aren’t very aware of American holidays, so they were pretty disappointed when I told them they had to wait until the actual day! They thought they were just for fun!

Next I made some of my own “glassine” bags using this great vellum from the store. I LOVE all the vellum that they carry. It comes in varying weights and can be used for an array of projects. I like the thin vellum for these kinds of bags so they are a bit see-through. Also the lighter weight is good for wrapping around the bottles since it doesn’t give too much bulk.

I folded up the little bags and glued them together with more Tombow. I LOVE using Tombow for vellum. Its strong and you can’t see it when it finally dries! I stamped each bag with the sentiment and heart and stuffed them with my boys favorite suckers. I seriously love this sentiment!

And here is the project all together. It does look a little like a beach party! Which is exactly how my boys would prefer celebrating Valentine’s day. This is a great and versatile way to share this love holiday with those in your life. Share some fun!

And that’s it for me today. Thanks for joining me. I hope you found some fun inspiration here today! And be sure to check out the store. They are still having a sale on A7 envelopes and of course they have all the card stock you could need and want to get ready for Valentine’s Day!

Until next time,

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