Hello, Super excited to offer you a simple gift but never the less one straight from the heart.
One of my most treasured items I own is a recipe my grandmother had jotted down with her hand writing for me. It was written on a simple yellow lined piece of paper but it has so much meaning  to me! Everytime I pull it out I get so emotional just to see her handwriting and knowing what it meant to her to pass down a recipe that had been in our family for many generations.

These recipe cards are perfect for that Christmas gift that is really straight from the heart!

I made it super easy so you can print two 5×7 cards on and 8.5×11 sheet of cardstock 
or you can print four 5×3.5 cards on an 8.5×11 cardstock sheet. 
but another favorite is our Cougar White 100lb stock.
 There are 3 design colors and printing a mix of these and putting them in one of our A7 Curious Metallic 5.25×7.25 Envelopes would be a perfect finishing touch for this gift!
You can find these Recipe Card printables in our sharing Goggle Drive site along with many other printable projects and invitations.

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