Bokeh Engagement Invitation with Thank You Card

Nothing makes me happier than seeing a young couple in love! The promise of hope, happiness and  everything seems so attainable because of that love. Engagement parties are filled with that joy. 
I really wanted to create an invitation that would represent this joyous occasion. 
You can download the Bokeh Engagement Invitation and Thank You Card  HERE.

For these invites I choose to print them on our 
I choose this Cryogen White for many reasons. 
1.) I adore the subtle shimmer in it. It really just adds a touch of class.
2.) It is available in an #89lb cover which any home printer should be able to print on it.
3.) It offers a smooth print. Printing pictures on anything other than photo paper can be tricky. However the quality of this card-stock offers a very beautiful out put that I am very happy with!
Dont forget your matching envelopes!
Thank You Card Product Links for the Cryogen White

 When you open the psd file in Photoshop or Elements you will see a creme back-ground layer.
I created this layer if you wanted to keep a more vintage feel to these invites. You have several options here that can change the out come look of your invites.
1.) Add your photo and information. Flatten and Print.
2.) You can choose to hide this creme background layer so that your print out put will showcase the natural color of the card-stock you are printing on.
3.) You can change the opacity of the creme background layer. If you drop the opacity; the background creme layer will be more subtle.
4.) After creating your invite by adding your picture of choice, party information you can than flatten all the layers. Go into the Enhance tab, adjust lighting tab and change the contrast here to a more desired look and feel.

 After the party and all the well wishes… well its time to say Thanks. I created the Thank You cards with the same creme background so you will have the same options mentioned above. I thought I would also give you another great card stock choice to print the invites and thank you cards on.

Another one of my favorite card-stocks is the Cougar White Super Smooth. Sure it does not have the pretty shimmer that the Curious Metallic Cryogen White has, but it really prints just beautifully. Your image will be crisp and clear!
A2 Cougar White Plain Folded Cards
A2 Cougar White Envelopes
A7 Cougar Flat Cards
A7 Cougar Envelopes

Hope that you will enjoy this template!

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