Simple Z-Folding Father’s Day Greeting Card

As the wedding season officially begins, I’m often caught off guard by Father’s Day. My dad passed away when I was eighteen so this day usually just comes and goes unnoticed by me.

Thanks to the assignment of a more “masculine” card, I thought I’d take advantage and create a fun, simple card for dads. This card is made completely out of Pop-Tone card stock, which is on sale through the month of June. This one includes my memories of my dad who I really could have watched me grow up.
Step 1.
Choose the color you’d like to work with.

The Pop Tones Sample Pack is great to get if you won’t need much of each color

I chose berryliscious… Its a pale blue

Step 2.
Measure the paper and plan your “Z” Fold.
In order to create a successful Z-Fold, you need to trim a little off the 8.5″ x 11″. Perhaps 2″ is good. If you have envelope considerations, please plan accordingly.

Score your sheet in even thirds… If using 11″, each panel should be 3.65″ each…

Fold your last panel underneath

Fold the top panel to the left… Voila! You have a Z! What’s great about this fold too is that you can have three panels ¬†vs. 2 with a normal fold over or bi-fold…

Step 3.
Prepare elements to be mounted to your three panels.
So I’m used to pretty fancy, ornate and feminine elements for weddings right? So bear with me. ūüôā I thought it would be fun to include some elements that my dad liked. He liked to dress so I remember his ties.

I drew a small tie and then added another sheet of red hot underneath and cut with scissors
I took the red tie and trimmed strips off it so I could decorate the blue one. You really can’t go wrong here as polka dots, vertical stripes and other embellishments would work nicely!

Step 4.

Save the last panel for a message to your loved one!
The balance of panels are also a nod to him. A big mustache that used to scratch my face when he kissed me, and a golf ball because he would do it to relax when he got rare time off.

I ended up using a variety of colors from the Pop Tone line. Also round cornered the panels and adorned it with strips of Washi Tape. So much fun and definitely brought back some warm memories for this crafter.

Thanks for coming by!

CutCardStock products used in this project:


Christy Toney
Design Team Member – Winter/Spring 2014 Term

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