So often we see cards catered and created for women, but seldom do we see sentiments that can be given to a male friend or relative.

I am sure that we all have had a male friend or relative who has gone through a very difficult time. Maybe you just might simply want to let them know that you are praying for them but you can’t find the perfect card.

I have created a series of clipart called “Heartfelt Two” that can be used to create that perfect card in any size, with any cardstock.

In the above samples I used the Brown Bag Kraft A2 card/invite to really give it a more masculine appeal but I can also see them printed on our Neenah collection as well.

Super easy to use this clipart. Most program allow for a PNG image to be uploaded to it…even Microsoft Word.

My favorite program though is Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. It allows you to create documents in any size, including card sizes. Here is how you would accomplish that.
1.) Open the desired clip art.
2.) Now you must create the base for your card. On the very top left you will see tabs called:
Blank File…
3.) A pop up window will usually appear and this is where you will choose your desired invite sz.
If you wanted to create an A7 invite you simply enter the measurements 7×5 making sure that inches has been choose. In this pop up box you will also get to choose the printable image quality (I usually choose 400) as well as your color mode (RGB) keeping your image transparent.
4.) So now that your document has been created you will see a layers palette in your lower right hand side.
5.) What you want to do is drag and drop your clipart into your newly 7×5 created document.
6.) Adjust the sz and proportion making sure it is centered to the right side.
7.) Now you are ready to print.

For Microsoft users, we have a really talented designer Amber Lawrence that has pre-created folded card templates in various sizes that are super easy for you to use. THEY ARE FREE, so make sure to check them out & download them as well from the site.

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