“Spring” Policy 10. Wedding Invitation Digital Freebie Download

I adore any and all projects created in the Policy 10. format. There is something about the slender long size that just makes me happy. So I created for you a “Spring” Digital Invitation.
In the sample I created it as a Wedding Invitation but really it can be used for just about any event.

The files you will be downloading are a PNG for the invite with a background but I have also included it as a PSD with a removable background.
Super easy to do in Photoshop & Elements.
Just head over to your layers palette area in the right side and click on the eye or check the box next to the background layer to remove/hide it.

I also maintained the original Policy 10. sz of  4×9.2 so that if you have a laser printer and want to print directly on our Policy 10. flat cards you can. Make sure to check out the great selection of colors in the store!

Now as you see in my demo below I actually printed my samples a bit smaller. It is super easy to do in Photoshop/Elements by simply:
1.) Opening up the downloaded image
2.) Click on image
3.) Then click on image resize
4.) Then again on image size
5.) Here a box will pop up that will let you add the measurements you would want to change it to.
This method is great if you want to use the available Policy 10 Flat cards and layer your printable ontop as shown in the demo pictures below.

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