Brown Bag Birthday Gift with Jamie

Hi and Happy New Year!  
Jamie with you today to share a fun project using the Brown Bag Kraft Card Stock!  I have always had a thing for kraft paper I just love how it looks and feels…and it is so easy to coordinate everything with it!  I decided that I would create my own brown bag using the 65# Brown Bag Kraft Card Stock.  This card stock is available in 8-1/2″x11 and 12×12 and it is currently on sale!!

We are always struggling for boy gift bags around here so I kept the main portion of the gift bag as the Kraft color and then used Black Basis Card Stock as the under accent to make the letters pop.  I brought color into the bag with the twine pom!  

Here is the tutorial: 
  1.  Grab a large serving fork and wrap your first color of twine around it.
  2.  Next wrap a second color of twine around the first color.
  3.  Grab a small piece of twine and tie a tight knot around the twine pieces (up through the fork hole).
  4.  Slip the twine off the fork.
  5.  Cut all the loops and fluff out the pom!
  6.  Next cut the Birthday Bag with the kraft card stock.  Fold on the score lines and add adhesive to the side flap.
  7.  Bring the two box sides together and adhere the flap in place.
  8.  For the bottom of the box, tuck the two side tabs in…
  9.  Then push the slot side up and tuck the flap into the slot.
10. Stand the box up and bend the sides on the score lines.
11. Cut a piece of ribbon for the handle and tie each end in a knot on the inside of the bag.  Trim the pieces close to the knot.
12. Your bag should look like this now.
13. Cut the bag panels.
14. Place adhesive on the backside of the sentiment panel.
15. Adhere it on top of the solid panel.
16. Place a piece of ribbon around the right edge as shown.
17. Next grab your pom, a piece of coordinating twine and a black bow.
18. Place the black bow in the center of your ribbon on the sentiment panel.  Place the coordinating twine piece under both.
19. Place the pom on top of the bow.
20. Tie a knot to hold everything together…
21. Then tie the twine in a bow and trim the ends.
22. Adhere the panel on to the front of the bag and fill your bag with goodies!

We filled ours up with M&M’s and added a little money in between!

Supplies Used:
Thanks so much for stopping by!

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