Happy Valentine’s Day & Making Bulk Cards

There are occasions to send a card, and then there are occasions to send a card to many people.  Whether it be a holiday card, a special announcement or a message you’d like to share with a group, mass producing cards can be made easier with the right supplies and a little organization!

I wanted to send out several cards to some new friends.  First, I designed my card; keeping it simple with steps that I was willing to reproduce several times was the first key decision to make.  I broke my card design into components and created all the components of the card separately.

Then with all my pieces arranged in front of me, I assembled the cards.  I really liked the ease of using both the mini glue dots and 1″ glue lines to adhere the various components onto my cards.  With the glue dots, I was able to get the strength of adhesion that I needed, plus I didn’t have to wait for things to dry!

I only made a handful of cards, but the process helps when you’re making lots and lots of cards.  To help the process even more, use blank folded note cards as your card base.  They’re on sale this month, so think about upcoming occasions you  might want to mass produce cards for!

CutCardStock products used in this project:


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