Elegant Luminaria Tutorial

Valentine’s Day sparks a little romance in all of us, if we have a significant other or not. So why not take a few minutes to create this lovely Luminaria for your dinner table. It will inspire peaceful, loving feelings.

I began the project with two Basis Black Gatefold cards. What I love about this is the transparent or vellum paper by CutCardStock. For this project, I used Curious Translucent Iridescents White.

Here’s how you throw it together in a few quick minutes.

Begin with two Basis Black Gatefold Cards. Lay them flat onto the cut mat for the Wizard and center the die in the main panel. Cut it out and see what you get below.

Now, nest the two cut pieces and fold the sides back. Then settle the die into the cut area from the front so that the die will cut the other sides.

Join two of the sets together with tape (I used some washi tape just so you could see it).

Then use double sided adhesive to add the vellum to the three full “windows”.

 Make sure that the iridescent side faces out. See the difference in the surface sheen below.

Place adhesive and vellum on half of the fourth window. 

Place adhesive on the last side. Remove the protective tape and match up the two sides. Voila!

Now embellish it with ribbon, pins and other accessories. Of course you could do more embellishing than I did but I wanted the light through the windows to be the main focus.

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