I know, I know… we just finished up with Christmas and here I am posting a Valentine’s project.  You may still be organizing your new Copic markers Santa brought, or sending out cute handmade thank you notes to everyone, but it’s not too early to start thinking about Valentine’s Day.  Especially because the Brown Bag products are on sale and they pair up perfectly with pink and red for a sweet project!

Brown Bag 65# cardstock
Cute Valentine’s stamp and ink
Coordinating ribbon
Paper Trimmer and adhesive
Small boxes of Valentine’s candy (I purchased these at a big chain, 5 boxes for $1.00)

An easy way to mass-produce these types of projects is using a method sometimes called “One Sheet Wonder.”  It’s when you take some coordinating stamps and just collage style stamp all over the cardstock.  Then, you can cut down the cardstock to the size pieces you need – sort of creating your own patterned paper.  That’s what I did for my treat wraps.  I first stamped my red hearts all over the cardstock, changing the angles and even stamping some off the edge of the cardstock.  I did the same with the sentiment stamp in black ink.

I then measured my boxes of candy to see how big I needed to cut the wrap.  For these little cuties, I was able to get four wraps from one sheet of cardstock.  My pieces each measured 5 1/2″ x 3″.  (If I had made the wraps just a little smaller, I could have gotten six from one sheet of cardstock.)

I then wrapped my stamped cardstock around the boxes.  With the lighter weight of the brown bag, you don’t need to score it…. love the time saved with that!

Then just stick the end down with your favorite adhesive and tie a little ribbon around it.

This would be a great treat for a classroom, and one that the kid’s would love to get involved in making too!

Thank you for stopping by the blog…. Wishing you a Happy New Year and all the best in 2012!

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