Make Valentine Treat Bags

It is that time of year. Many of us are getting ready for our kids to distribute Valentine’s Day greetings to their classmates. I don’t know about you but when I was little, it was enough to simply buy some cute cartoon cards and sign them. Now, it seems that everyone gives candy…OK, I always loved it when that one person in class gave candy, so why wouldn’t I love the fact that nearly everyone does.
So, want to give the cutest, best Valentine’s in the class? Here are some cute and simple treat bags with four chocolate hearts in it.

This is really simple and if you are even a beginning crafter, I bet you have most of this at home. If you need the awesome paper, just check out our homepage

Cut a section of waxed paper. I think mine was 12″ across and the piece I cut was about 12″. Fold it in half so the straight edges come together and sew as many 3-1/2 inch pockets as you can. I managed three with my piece.

Cut them apart and if you want, cut the threads. I like to keep them hanging to give a shabby chic look.

Next cut a 12×12″ piece of Brown Bag Kraft paper into nine 4×4″ pieces and fold them in half.

Next, cut Basis Dark Red into two 4×11″ pieces. Using the first strip, punch the edge with an embellishing punch, cut it to 2 or so inches, cutting as many pieces as you can from the strip. Adhere a piece onto the lower part of the Greengrocer “topper” you previously made.

Using the second strip, punch hearts and add them to the center of the topper as shown.

Punch from Basis Natural White paper, scalloped or regular circles that will fit into the heart.

Stamp or print a small sentiment onto the circle and add it to the heart.

Create “leaves” out of ribbon by folding it back onto itself, using pieces about 4″ long. Add one to each side of the heart. (You’re almost there.)

Add chocolates to the bag and staple or tape the toppers onto the bag. Sign the back and give the best Valentine’s ever!! products used on this project.
Brown Bag Kraft paper, Basis Natural White and Dark Red papers

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