Are you all ready for the holiday?  Let me guess, you’ve got all the shopping and wrapping done, handmade cards are finished and sent off, dinner is planned and now you’ve got nothing left to do….maybe that’s the case or like me, you just love to take on more than you can possibly handle this time of year.  So, to add another “must do” to your list, I thought I’d share this wonderful cardstock ornament with you.  I stumbled across it here and thought I’d recreate it for you with CutCardStock Stardream Metallic in Silver.

First, I cut several 1/4″ strips from the 12 x 12 sheet of cardstock.  I cut them down into these sizes and quantities: 6″ = 5, 3″ = 12 and 2″ = 4.

Then, I wound them up into little tight rolls.  I imagine this would be a lot easier if you happen to have a quill tool, but even without one, it’s not too difficult.  I used the skinny end of my stylus; it seemed to work just great.

Using one of the 6″ strips, I wound up one roll and glued it closed.

Then, I created tear drop shapes from the 4 of the 3″ pieces by winding them up, gluing the end down and then pinching one end to a point.

Then I made 4 marquis shapes from 3″ strips; made the same as the tear drops, just pinch both ends. 

On to the heart shapes… I made 4 of them from 6″ strips.  First, fold them in half.  Then roll toward the center from each end.  When you let them roll back out a little, they will look like cute little hearts.

Finally, on to the scrolls.  Made from the last 8 of the 3″ strips, from one end make a couple of turns toward the center and then roll in from the other end too.  One end will be rolled more than the other and the piece should end up being just about an inch long.  Try to make them all about the same length.  Then glue two together, back to back.

So, after all that winding and gluing, your fingers are worn out and you have a great excuse to go get a manicure!  Now we’re ready to put it all together.

First, attach all 4 of the scroll pairs around the center circle.

Then attach the hearts into each quarter area.  You’ll glue down the bottom where the scrolls meet and then roll out the tops to attach the heart to the arms.  Add in the teardrops, pointed end up, and attach the tops of the hearts to the top of the teardrop.

Finally, add the marquis to the end of each scroll.

Even with the 105# cardstock, my rolls were pretty easy to create and the Mono Multi adhesive held everything very nicely.

When I finished, I strung some clear thread through one of the marquis and hung it on the tree.   I think this makes a precious ornament or would be great tied on to a special package!  Wishing you all the best of the Season! ~Amber

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