Retro Holiday Wreath

Happy Halloween! As I post this, folks all over the country are getting ready to wear costumes, bob for apples and beg for candy. Trick-or-treating is a true American past time. So that’s why today, I’m sharing how to make a retro holiday wreath…what? Of course, the only industry who should put out the Christmas stuff already is the crafting industry…so trendy crafters can get their crafts going before the holiday is here. Enjoy!

I was inspired to create this when I saw another “recycled” type wreath. So easy and so fun. Go around your house and gather up all the clothes pins you can find. Make sure you check behind the washer and dryer.

Papers by Cut Cart Stock: 100# Jelly Bean French Pop-Tone, 105# Serpentine Curious Metallics,
Adhesives: PVA Glue, Glue Dots (Glue Dots International); Red line tape (Therm O Web)
Accessories: Silk flowers and leaves (Prima Marketing), Candle Decorating Ring, ribbon


  1. Trace the candle decorating ring onto 100# Jelly Bean French Pop-Tone paper and cut it out.
  2. Using PVA or other liquid glue, adhere the papers to both sides of the ring.
  3. Trim and sand to create clean edges.
  4. Using red line tape, cover the outer edge of the ring and add green ribbon
  5. Cut 105# Serpentine Curious Metallics vertically. Strips should be 3/8″ wide x 11″. Cut an entire sheet to give you plenty
  6. Using adhesive of choice, glue paper strips to both sides of 24 clothes pins, starting at the “pinch” and continuing out to the “handles”. Trim off excess paper. (You will be able to get 3 pieces from each 3/8×11″ strip.)
  7. To achieve the best spacing, imagine you are creating a clock. Start by gluing a clothes pins at 3, 6, 9 and 12. For the best adhesion, add a dot of glue to both sides of the pin but hold the top flat while it dries a bit.
  8. Now add a pin to the center of each of those divisions.
  9. Then add two pins in each of the eight spaces.
  10. Embellish by adding silk flowers, leaves and a bit of bling.
  11. Add a ribbon to the top for hanging. String through the center and tie a bow onto the front.

 This is an easy project, made with beautiful papers from and some quick embellishments. It would make a great holiday gift for any special friend and won’t add any calories to their waistline.

Again, Happy Halloween. Let’s get Christmas crafting!

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  1. As someone who celebrates Chanukah not Christmas, I could also see doing this as a yellow sun for year round use and attaching pretty flowers. Love the whole concept!

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