Gift Boxes – Just in time for the holidays!

Black Friday is here, which means the holiday shopping season has begun!  A great way to save money and have beautiful gifts under your tree is to create your own gift boxes!

For the boxes I used:

8 1/2″ x 11″ Pop Tones Blue Raspberry cardstock and
12″ x 12″ Basis Brown cardstock

Of course, I also had on hand my red line tape by Thermo Web,
Martha Stewart’s Scallop Snowflake punch
Ribbon in turquoise and silver
Adhesive Rhinestones
and a great scoring board.

The smaller finished box measures 4″ square by 2″ high.  The larger finsihed box measures 6″ square by 3″ high.

For the smaller box, you’ll need two 8×8 squares of cardstock.  For the larger box, you’ll need two 12×12 sheets of cardstock.

Scoring:  For the smaller box, score the base at 2″ and 6″, rotate 90 degrees and score again at 2″ and 6″.  Score the second 8×8 square at 2″ and 6 1/8″.  Rotate 90 degrees and score again at 2″ and 6 1/8″. 

For the larger box, score the base at 3″ and 9″, rotate 90 degrees and score again at 3″ and 9″.  Score the second 8×8 square at 3″ and 91/8″.  Rotate 90 degrees and score again at 3″ and 9 1/8″. 

Be sure to use a bone folder to make sure score lines are crisp.

Next, cut the cardstock along the bottom vertical score lines to the next score line.  Repeat for the top of the paper, as well.

Fold the box sides up, to shape the base.  Using red line tape or other super strong adhesive, adhere the cut flaps to inside of the shorter side. 
For the lid, it’s a good idea to do any stamping or punching before assembly.  On the smaller box, I cut a piece of patterned paper to adhere to the top.  Then, I punched the all over the page punch snowflake in the center of what will become my box top.  You can also use a stencil to cut out a shape you desire, or you could decorate the top with stamps and stickers.  For the larger box, I punched a series of snowflakes on the top of the box lid and also along the sides.  Then, I adhered Pop Tones Blue Raspberry cardstock cut in 2 1/2″ x 6″ strips inside the box lid to show off the snowflake motif.
After you’ve completed the decorating process, repeat above process of shaping and ahering lid flaps to the inside of the shorter side. 

Tie with a ribbon and viola!  A cute, one-of-a-kind box for those one-of-a-kind people in your life!  The coordinating card and tag were completed just using scraps of the cardstock left over!

Happy Stamping and shopping!

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  1. Gorgeous box! I love your idea of the snowflake punch, it's so formal and pretty. Now I'm thinking that the lid could be a series of ever-smaller squares, each with holes punches to reveal the last color. What a wonderful idea you've given us!

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