Beautiful Ballerina Card using Perfect Pocket Card

The Basis Perfect Pocket cards are so much fun!  The pockets are the perfect size for a gift card or cash (folded).  As soon as I saw this pink card, I thought of making it look like a ballerina. 

Supplies:  Basis A7 Pink Perfect Pocket Card
Tulle – I cut three 3” wide strips four times the width of the card.  For a fuller tutu, you may want to cut more.
Needle and thread (I used embroidery floss)
One sheet 8 ½” x 11 Palmero Perle cardstock
Coordinating Ink (I used CTMH Baby Pink)
Ribbon (about 3 feet)
Eyelet Setting tool
Pop Dots and Red line tape
Stamps as desired (I used CTMH’s Little Princess Set).
Paper Flowers (I used Prima flowers)

Step 1:  Cut the Malmero Cardstock to 5 ½ “x 5 ½”.  On one side, mark with a pencil at 2 ¾”.  Using that mark and the upper corner as a guide, cut off a diagonal strip.  Cut the other side in the same way to form a triangle.  
Step 2:  Punch holes for eyelets – I suggest 5 on each side.  Start about 1” above the point of the triangle and place holes about ¾” apart and about 1/4″ from the edge.   If desired, cut the top of the triangle with decorative scissors for a ruffled look. 
Step 3:  If you would like to emboss the triangle, do so before setting eyelets.  Then, sponge ink onto the embossed area of your triangle. 

Step 4:  Set eyelets.  With the back side up, thread the ribbon through the top two holes, making sure that the ribbon is equally long on the front side.  Criss-cross the ribbons through the eyelets and secure on the back.  I used pop-dots between the eyelets and across the top of the triangle to adhere to the front of the card. 

Step 5:  Holding the three strips of tulle together, loosely stitch with the needle and thread.  Make sure the end knot is large enough not to get pulled through the tulle.  When completed, pull both ends of the string, bunching up the tulle in the middle.  Stick a piece of double sided red line tape to the edge of the front flap of your card.  Adhere the tulle, pulling to the edge of the card.  Tie off the thread on either side in a tight knot (again, be sure it’s a large enough knot ).

Step 6:  Cut a 4 ¾” x 6 ¾” piece from your remaining Malmero Perle cardstock.  Use a stamped sentiment or printed sentiment and adhere inside the card.  You may want to add additional embellishments as desired. 

Step 7:  Adhere paper or silk flowers to the front of your card to cover the stitching on your tulle.  Viola!  The perfect card for a princess! 
This fun card would make a cute birthday card, or you could create muliples to make birthday invitations for your little ballerina!  (The pocket could hold directions, the birthday girl’s wish list, or even a small bag of  some “pixie dust” made from glitter).

Happy Stamping!


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