Christmas Stocking GIFT CARD HOLDER

A special Thank you to Amy Matte from Plainfield, Illinois for designing these  Christmas Gift Card holders using Card Stock from  
Gift Cards have become such a popular gift; dressing them up with a special Gift card holder will delight the receiver!

Below is a simple Tutorial so you can design your own.  Be sure to pick ups some Christmas Color Cardstock from CutCArdstock.  RED, BLUE, CREAM & SILVER cardstock are all on sale through the month of November.

 1.  Gathering Supplies: card stock, paper, embellishments, scissors, adhesive and the stocking template.

2.  Cut out both templates.  Trace the templates onto paper and cut out.  I recommend doubling your paper to get them even.

3.  Apply Adhesive around the very outer edge of one of the stockings.  Lay the other stocking on top, align and secure.

4.  Take your cut out of the topper and apply adhesive.  Secure that to the top of the stocking.  You may need to trim some of the stocking away on the sides ,  If you are attaching a loop to hang the finished stocking, secure the loop to the stocking before layering the topper.

5.  Embellish as you desire!  Suggestions:  ribbons, stickers, patterned paper, stamps and more!

6.  Insert your gift card!

A Special THANK YOU TO AMY  for this practical idea!  Be sure to checkout more of her work at  A BOY’S LIFE & CHOCOLATE SUNDAE.

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