Is it just me or is it in our blood as paper crafters not to throw away scraps?  They may be tiny pieces, but they are still beautiful paper I know I can make good use of.  I think the key is having a good system of organizing those scraps so #1 we remember we have them and #2 we can easily find exactly the color we’re looking for.
Here’s a scrappy little card I made using little strips I had left over from another project:

A7 Neenah card and envelope
random scraps
matching ribbon
some flowers I’ve had in my stash for a long time
a blingy brad

First I layed out my strips to see the order I liked.  My pieces were different widths, so I varied the pattern a little bit.

Then I just ran a few lines of adhesive down so I could attach my strips in the order I liked.  If any edges hang over, just trim them to match the card.

At the top of your scrappy block, add a strip of ribbon.  This will cover up the top edge of your strips so they don’t have to be perfectly lined up.

With the flowers I had, I simply put them all together with a gem brad.

I used glue dots to tack on my new flower.

To use one of the larger scraps and to add a little special touch to the envelope, I used a scallop punch to make a strip of patterned paper.  I just glued it to the inside of the envelope flap.  If you don’t have a scallop punch, check out Katherine’s tutorial to see how to make the same edge with your corner rounder!

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