So shines a good deed in a weary world.–Faux Stained Glass

It’s the time of year for thank you gifts–these faux stained glass mason jar shades are a project suitable for all ages, and easily personalized by using the intended recipient’s favorite colors.  These could also be used in holiday centerpieces.

What you will need:

Royal Sundance Felt Cardstock in Brilliant White–the 80# cover weight is perfect, and has a nice texture, as well.  This paper is on sale not only this month, but next month, too!
peeled crayons–I like to use bright colors, but you may prefer more subdued colors
electric warming tray, or electric griddle
foil to cover the surface of the warming tray or griddle
a jelly jar sized mason jar, or a votive holder deep enough the flame of the candle is fully inside
glue dots
a votive or tea light candle, the battery operated type if you’d prefer to avoid any fire hazard.  (Not gonna lie, we use real candles!)

Cover the surface of the warmer or griddle with aluminum foil.  If using a griddle, be sure to have it set low–warm enough to melt crayons, but not so high as to burn yourself!!

Cut or tear a piece of paper in a rectangle tall enough and wide enough to fit loosely over a mason jar.  For fire safety, do not make the paper much higher than the top of the mason jar.

Set the paper on top of the warm tray or griddle, and draw slowly on the paper, allowing the crayon to melt over it.  Continue in this manner until the paper is covered as you like it with the melted crayon.  For this project, it’s better not to make the wax layers too deep, or it will crack when the shade is formed.

Form a cylinder with the cooled crayon paper, using glue dots to secure the edges.  Press firmly–wax generally doesn’t like adhesives, but I find glue dots work pretty well.

These are pretty shining in the sun, but when the candle inside the mason jar or votive holder is lit, it GLOWS, giving the appearance of stained glass.

Here are suggestions for a light themed “thank you” to accompany one of these lanterns or shades:

Thank you for being a light in my life
You light up my life
Thank you for being a light in the life of a (or my) child
Thank you for shining your light into our lives
“So shines a good deed in a weary world.” –Shakespeare

Have a wonderful Thursday!

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