‘s Newest Square envelopes are BLACK SQUARE 7 1/2″ Square envelopes and NATURAL SQUARE 7 1/2″ envelopes. Both are available in packages of 25 envelopes with a nice discount when you purchase 10 or more packs.

At CutCardstock, you will find a variety of envelopes including: Stardream Metallic 6.5 x 6.5 inch envelopes & 5.5 x 5.5 inch envelopes, The Greengrocer’s Brown bag square envelopes in various square sizes, White 60# text weight square envelopes in all available sizes, NATURAL 60# text weight square envelopes, Black 60# text weight envelopes, Red 6 1/2″ Square envelopes, Many colors of Basis 70# text weight envelopes, and CTI Glama Natural CLEAR Translucent envelopes in many square sizes.
At CutCardstock you will find a nice variety of sizes in our square envelopes. We have the following square sizes available:

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