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A favorite Customer of Cutcardstock is Debbie Olson from Debbie Designs. She wrote: ” I am responding to the blog call for work made with your products. My two favorites of yours are the Arjo Wiggins Curious Iridescent White and Poison Ivory. The Thomas Kinkade Skater’s pond card and the Merry Christmas Mistletoe card use Poison Ivory cardstock , and the Paper Trey Snowflake Serenade Card uses Iridescent White. Thank you.”

A special Thank you to Sharon Harnist from Grand Praire, Texas. She sent us several photos of her work which features cardstock and paper used from Below you will find a sampling of her creative works. To get your creative juices flowing, be sure to visit Sharon’s site PaperFections.

This beautiful Lighthouse card and ornament is made using shades of blue: Stardream Metallics Sapphire and Lapis Lazuli. The shimmering white section of the card used Curious Iridescent Cryogen White.

This Soft Green Floral Card was created using Stardream Metallic Serpentine from the Stardream Metallic Chiara line, which is a variety of metallic pastel colors. This card also uses Curious Iridescent Cryogen white.

A Santa Collage Cards was created by Sharon of PaperFections using Stardream Metallic MARS.


These Baby Announcements were sent to us from Erin Linneman from Cincinnati, Ohio. These announcements used Stardream Metallic Bronze Cardstock from . Erin used our flat cards that were already cut to 5″ x 7″ . Be sure to visit Erin’s site Lucky Designs and her Lucky Designs Blogspot.


These 3 GREAT Projects were sent to us by Lynda Benden from Woodford, Virgina. All 3 of these projects used a shimmery vanilla cardstock which is Curious Iridescent POISON IVORY from If you visit Lynda’s blog page, she has a great site showcasing her work. If you click on any of the photos, you will be redirected to the page at Lynda’s site which gives a list of the supplies for making these cards. Below is more sampling of Lynda’s work. The projects below were created using a shimmery White Cardstock from The shimmering white cardstock is manufactured by Arjo Wiggins and is called CURIOUS IRIDESCENT Cryogen WHITE 89 lb cardstock.

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