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Hello everyone, and Happy Tuesday! Misty (@Mommyofkidz) here with you to share a new layout that I did recently. Since I have been so focused on making everything for my daughter’s graduation, I have sort of neglected everything else. When I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. My house is a wreck, my laundry is piling up, and my poor husband has been watching so much TV lately, that my kids have dubbed it his new “hobby”!! He doesn’t complain, which I am very thankful for, but I did realize that I needed to show him that I DO actually still love him! Therefore, I scrapped about him! HA HA HA!
To begin, I decided that I wanted to use up some of my scraps. I pulled out my scrap bag and sorted through it, selecting lots of colors. Next, I trimmed everything down to strips. At this point, I was still trying to figure out what my layout would look like. Since strips are great for many things, I just went with it!

Taking Shape

Once I had several strips of various widths, I realized that most were around and inch and a half wide. I then trimmed those down to start forming smaller , more workable pieces of cardstock. Now, keep in mind that I was using scraps. I had a wide variety of colors and textures, all from the Cut Card Stock Store. There was a nice variety of DCS Discount Cardstock, which reminded me of a sunset! After narrowing the selections down to incorporate this month’s featured selections, along with a few others, of course, I had my plan! As I trimmed, I decided to make my own DIY tags!
I pulled out the pinks, oranges, and purples, and started forming my tags. Each tag is 1 1/2 wide by 2 1/2 inches long. After trimming the corners off of the tops, I inked a few of them with coordinating distress inks. Nothing major, just enough to add a few more “POPS” of color.

Finishing it Up

After adding the distress ink, all that was left was assembly and title! I arranged my tags on a 12×12 sheet of DCS Discount Shimmer Textured Dove cardstock. Next, I used DCS Discount Textured Wedding Cake White to cut my title out on my Cricut. Between these two cardstocks, I can not get enough! These are the absolute BEST for using as the base for a scrapbook layout! LOVE!!!!

As you can see, I double mounted my photo and then placed it on top of the tags. I added come faux stitching with a white pen to a few tags, and I tied then together with hemp, just for visual interest, but this layout cam together super quick and has great impact!
This layout took me a total of about an hour to plan, cut, ink, and assemble. Knowing that, how can you not take time out to preserve your own memories? If time is your excuse, I just solved that problem for you! Head on over to the Cut Card Stock Store and start making your selections to begin your Memory Making journey!

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