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Sham-rock the Treats This Year

Have you heard the phrase “If you’re lucky enough to be Irish, you’re lucky enough?” Ha ha, well I’m lucky enough to be part Irish and I love celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. I have a charming little treat box for you today – and I’ll show you how to make it whether you have the die cut set or not!

This die cut set is from The Stamps of Life and it comes with 3 different sizes of shamrocks. I’ve decided I want to turn it into a treat box, so I made use of a “box die” also from the same company. BUT…you don’t have to have this set! In fact, with an electronic cutting machine and some fabulous CutCardStock papers, you can make this (or any shape) into a treat box!

You will need to cut 2 shamrocks at about 4.25″ inches wide and high. Mine are cut with a light green that is discontinued; however, the Pop Tone Limeade paper is very similar. In addition, you will cut another 2 shamrocks about 1/8″ larger than the first. If your machine has an offset function, this will make your life easy! You could also hand-trim around the first size too. Mine are cut with the Granny Smith Apple Green paper.

Next, cut a box die cut shape in the Granny Smith Apple Green. Depending on how big you want your box, you may want 2 of these and glue them together. My shape ended up only needing one.

However, as I said, if you don’t have the die cut you will cut a 2″ wide strip of paper and score it like this: 1/4″ on the long sides and about 3″ apart in the middle of the strip. Next, cut small triangles out of the edges right on the scored line, which creates your tabs. It’s an instant box maker!

It’s time to assemble the box. Note – with a shape like this, you will flip the paper over on the back and use the opposite side so the shape lines up with itself. I folded my box cut on some, but not all, of the fold lines and then glued the tabs to the back of the shamrock.

I’m gluing it on at an angle so the shape will sit between a leaf and the stem. When it’s dry, glue on the other panel side.

Now, take the Pop Tone Limeade shapes and flip one over. To add the plaid pattern, I’m using a Tim Holtz plaid stencil and some dark green ink. Tape down the stencil and begin to sponge ink in a circular pattern over the shamrocks. If the stencil doesn’t cover the whole shape, I simply move it over and pick up the pattern.

Secure these plaid sides to both sides of your box. Now it’s time to add the banner! I’ve cut 1/4″ flags in several Pop Tone colors: Wild Cherry Red, Orange Fizz, Astrobright Yellow, Blue Raspberry and Grapesicle. Punch 2 small holes at the top of each flag.

Using a small letter set, stamp the letters on each flag, string it on some twine and glue it to the front of your box. And you are lucky enough to be done! Of course, don’t forget the important part of adding some treats or candy inside your box.

I consider myself very lucky to get to share this project with you today! Please consider pinning this box on your Pinterest boards and taking a look at all the color options you can create with at CutCardStock.com.

Finally, let me leave you by saying: May your pockets be heavy, and your heart be light. May good luck pursue you, each morning and night. Cheers!

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