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Ladybug Valentine Treats

I imagine you grew up giving out Valentine’s like I did, right? What do you most remember about those years of handing out Valentine cards? I remember coming home and sifting through the cards to see who gave me a card, what cute pictures they had and if there was any candy!

This project is inspired by those of us who want to still treat our friends to a little candy this Valentine’s Day. Or, maybe you have kids and want to make them to hand out at school. You’ll be pleased with how easy this little ladybug is to make, and you don’t need an SVG file for it.

I’m using the Stardream Metallic Onyx Black paper and the Stardream Mars Metallic Red. Another supply I’ve used is a plastic dome ornament, the kind that comes apart at the seam so you can use 1/2 of it. You will also need a series of circles.

It’s helpful to have a set of nesting circle die cuts to make sure the sizes fit both your plastic dome and your candy, but you could also hand trace and cut these, especially with kids.

First, cut 2 Stardream Metallic Onyx Black circles the same diameter of your dome. Then, cut out the middle of the circles using a smaller die for this.

Another piece you need is an Onyx Black strip of paper that is wide enough to cover the inner circle on your rings. This will be the sliding piece for the dispenser.

Take the 2 Onyx Black rings and glue them together about 3/4 of the way around the edge, leaving the top open as shown above. You want to create a pocket for the black strip of paper to slip in between, creating an opening for the candy. Test the strip to make sure it fits and slides up and down.

Next, glue the dome to the top of your ring and let dry thoroughly. Glue a smaller circle to the top of the strip and insert in the “pocket” of the black ring.

Cut your Stardream Mars Metallic Red circle in half, and glue on some cut out hearts to glue on each. These are the wings of the ladybug, and they will be glued to the edge of the dome, where the slider is. I did slightly curl these around the dome before I glued.

Since my dome has a hanger, I’ve tied twine through it so my treats can hang like an ornament. If you don’t have that, these also look cute with a bow glued on, because you can sit them on a table.

Final touches are up to you! Kids may enjoy googly eyes, and adding some fun antenna – mine are a smaller spiral die cut I have in my stash. Glue on a sentiment stamped on a piece of Basis White paper and your treat is ready to fill with candy! Slide the head out and fill from the back.

My “lady” friends will enjoy this cute treat! I hope you did too…for more inspiration, please check out our Facebook Creating With Cardstock Inspiration page. And don’t forget to grab some of the fun metallic papers this month at CutCardStock too. See you next time, everyone!

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