Ink Blended Watermelon

Hello! I love to ink blend and when I started using the Cougar White Super Smooth cardstock. I loved ink blending even more! This cardstock makes ink blending such a breeze!

I started with a stencil (this was meant to be Strawberry seeds, but I am using it for watermelon seeds!) and some brown matte paste to use through the stencil. I made a curved line out of masking paper to put down so that I could put the seeds only where the red part of the watermelon would be, and not have them extending into the rind. (I forgot to take a picture with that masking piece on, but I will show it again in a few steps when we start blending!)

Once the paste is dry, we get to start ink blending and see what a dream this cardstock is! I cut another piece of masking paper with about the same slope to use for our ink blending.

Once that mask in in place, we can start ink blending. I wanted the area closest to the seeds to blend out to a super light green, almost white color, and near the left edge to be a darker green. I started ink blending from the left and blending over to the right to let it fade out. Each time I came in with the green color, I went a shorter and shorter distance so the heaviest ink was towards the left.

I used a green mist to give a little texture and variance in color to the rind. I thought this gave it such a cool look! I made sure that the rest of the panel was completely covered that I didn’t want green on, because I can be pretty messy with mists!

I used the same technique to ink blend red onto the juicy part of the watermelon. I started at the opposite edge and blended it out to almost white to meet the edge of the green. I kept adding red towards the edge to help deepen that color.

All I did next was trim it with a stitched rectangle die and add a sentiment! This Cougar super smooth white cardstock is my favorite for ink blending – you gotta give it a try!

I’d love to see all your ink blending creations! Tag me on Instagram: Purple Puppy Papercrafting

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