Frosty’s Hat!

Today I decided to try my hand at creating some holiday home decor. Who doesn’t love seeing snowmen when out driving during the holidays? Seeing them brings back fond memories of building them when I was young and then building them with my kids.

I found a pattern I liked in the library of my Cameo Silhouette machine and got my Black Discount Cardstock out and got to cutting. Below I am showing the pattern I used, along with all my pieces cut out.

Once I had my pieces cut and sorted I made the decision to use double sided Redline tape so there wouldn’t be any wet glue drying time needed. Working with the Redline tape I went ahead and started placing the tape along the foldable tabs and then I connected all 6 pieces together.

Once all the side panels were all taped together I needed to create an oval and then connect both ends to each other. The next step was the easiest part it was simply attaching the top and bottom pieces using Redline tape to make it look like a hat.

I’m one of those crafter’s who doesn’t plan everything out before I begin. I like to gather some embellishments that might work and then play around until I find the look I like. It’s rather messy because I end up with things all over my desk but it is just how I work.

I grabbed some ribbon, patterned paper… and I die cut a few embellishments to play with using Canvas Texture Cardstock Bonsai, Galax Discount Cardstock, Stardream Metallic Copper, Discount Cardstock Ginger Snap, and Discount Cardstock Wedding Cake.

The patterned paper was taped to the ribbon and then I decided to add the snow edge die cut behind the ribbon with just some of the delicate snow flakes showing.

Then I put together a little floral arrangement to decorate the front of the hat using some of the die cuts I had prepared. To be sure the adhesive was strong enough to hold it together and on the hat I again grabbed the Redline tape.

After a lot of fussing around I finally got the arrangement how I liked it and went ahead and attached it to the front of the hat and then I also added the little stamped snowman die.

I think this will look very festive sitting on top of the fireplace near the Christmas stockings or maybe it will be this year’s tree topper.

I do hope you will save this to your crafty Pinterest board and eventually use it as inspiration to create something. Thank you for taking the time to review this post!

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