A Beautiful Rolled Flowers Layout

Rolled Flowers Layout

Hello Everyone! I am so excited to share this rolled flowers layout with you today! This is my youngest sister with her first baby! He is now 3, but this picture is one of my favorite pictures of them. I’m glad I waited to do this one, ’cause these flowers are perfect for this. Here is a quick walk-through of how I created this.

Starting with my paper, I used all Pop Tone cardstock: Gum Drop, Lemon Drop, Pink Blush, SNO Cone, and Razzleberry. I chose these colors because the rest of my embellishments and title come from the CVS Happiness Collection, and these colors matched beautifully with it. For the flowers:

I used 2 digital files from Confessions of a Paper Addict and my CAMEO to cut these out multiple tiles in all the colors but green. The green I used for the leaves that came with the files to use. This was time-consuming, I cut many flowers in different sizes, and once they were cut, I rolled them up and glued the bottom.

It took me a little bit to get the rolling right. I’ve done other flowers that rolled a different way than these. There is a learning curve to these; however, once I got it, this was very easy and not as complicated as I had made it. Even though I messed up one or two, I still used them. Once they are all glued down, you can’t even tell.

Background Work

While my flowers were cutting, I worked on my background. I used heavy-weight watercolor paper for this. There was a lot of water on this, and I wanted to make sure the paper would hold to it. I used some Catherine Pooler Ink, water, and some packaging. Inkpad on the packaging, spray with some water, and splat it on the paper. Move it around a little, so all the ink isn’t concentrated in one spot. Then, I grabbed my paintbrush and made some splatters. Wipe the packaging off and on to the next color. I used some green ink when I was all done to pull in the green paper so it didn’t look out of place.

Putting it All Together

Flowers are done, the background is dry; time to pull it all together. Arranging the flowers was honestly the hard part. I had an idea in my head but wasn’t quite sure when it came to putting it together. So I grabbed a color and just started popping them on… I didn’t glue anything until I had them arranged and liked it. Once that was finished, I could add the rest of my embellishments and my title.

I kept my embellishments simple. I knew I wanted to add butterflies and sequins. The rest I made up as I went. A simple title and some word stickers, then added Dream Drops, and that was it. I wanted the flowers to really stand out with the picture.

I hope you try something like this rolled flowers layout Something new can always be a little scary, but the result when it’s done can be so pretty. You’ll be happy you tried it. I know I am going to do this again! The flowers turned out so pretty. Don’t be afraid of rolling them or them not turning out just right. I messed up a few, and you can’t even tell.

See you next time! Happy Scrapping!

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