Snowflake Kisses!

2020 is almost over! Didn’t feel like the end of this year would ever come, yet here we are! I love winter! Not as much as I love Autumn, but the cold and beautiful snow, I will take over oppressive heat and humidity every time! I went with a different color scheme for this card, instead of the blues, I went with some purples! I don’t normally like purples, but I do love how this came together!

Starting out, I pulled out some cardstock. I used Cougar White, Stardream Metallic Silver, Stardream Metallic Amethyst, and Stardream Metallic Kunzite. The white will be my card base, and I used all the Metallic papers to cut my files with.

Here are all my pieces, looks easy and simple. At this point, I wasn’t intending to use ink or anything, but it felt a little too simple for me. So, set my cut files aside, and decided to work with the card base and see if I could spruce it up a little.

I took the Cougar White paper and cut it in half, so i have a 12×6 piece. I scared the sheet at the 6inch mark. Easy to fold. I never try to free hand folding, I’m no good at it! I need that extra help! So, now I have a 6×6 card base.

I pulled out an old Sizzix Snowflake embossing folder and embossed the front of the card. The snowflakes however got lost behind the cut files, so I pulled out 2 distress oxides and blended them over top, and out popped the snowflakes!

I loved how this turned out. I popped on the cut files, and of course, the word art kinda got lost in the background. It happens. Just need to adjust the design.. what better way then to pull out the Nuvo Drops. Jewel Drops dry translucent, so it would pop out the words without taking away from the metallic paper.

To add a little embellishments, I went with simple. Sequins! Some white trees and white round one. I was looking for my snowflake sequins but they were in hiding.

And then they were found! the silver snowflake sequins were the last addition to this card. As I’ve stated, I don’t normally like purple, and I don’t use it very much, I do however adore the way this card came out. Purples are winter colors, and for some reason doesn’t get used much, so I pulled out the purples, and I’m happy I did!

I hope you enjoy this simple, elegant card. I would love to see some purple metallic winter projects! Please post below your projects!

Happy Crafting!
Melly Art

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