Winter Fun! Scrapbooking Fun!

Hello, Friends! It is Hannah, here from Fanciful Spaces!

I have such a hard time believing that it is still Autumn, here in NE Ohio we’ve already had snow a couple of times. As I’m typing this I can look out and see a lot of snow on the deciduous trees out there, it definitely looks like winter!

I thought I’d take advantage of this snow, and my belief that it is really Winter here and scrapbook an image of my daughter.

On the way to the bus, on most mornings, I take a photo of her because she’s just so darn cute! This photo probably captures the first snow we had, she was SO excited to be able to wear her snow boots!

I loved using the Stardream Metallic Cardstock for this project because it is so darn shimmery. I also loved the colors I had for this project.

To start, I traced a circle onto some 12×12 cardstock. This circle is obscured above as I had placed my photo over it for this shot. Then I drew some lines that more or less radiated from the circle’s center point.

Once I was happy with this step I cut down the lines, and cut the circle out, with some scissors. Keep all of this. I also numbered all of my pieces in a specific manner to help me piece everything back together later.

I used all of those cut pieces, except for the circle, to trace my shapes onto the cardstock. I wrote the shape’s corresponding numbers to the underside of my final cardstock as well, this turned out to be SUPER helpful.

I frequently like to do something with the edges of my projects, and this was no different. I used some lightly tacky double-sided tape, lined up one side’s worth of shapes, and tacked them down. This enabled me to vignette my papers with black ink and to ensure that everything looked nice and smooth, it also kept all of my shapes from moving around.

So much more interesting, don’t you think?

Next, I knew I wanted to stitch and add beading to my project. With the circle placed back into its spot, I drew dots that seemed to radiate from the center. These dots were placed on the outside of the circle and co-responded to dots along the edge of the page.

Inside Dots.
Outside Dots.

Taking a paper piercer I poked holes through all of the dots. Using some silver embroidery floss (one strand out of the 6 it comes in) and some beads, I strung thread through all of the holes. This thread I affixed to the underside using Score Tape and Mono Deluxe Adhesive.

It is important to note that I treated each shape separately, so don’t try to string all the pieces together.

For the last portion of the base of this project, I carefully aligned all of my shapes onto a second 12×12 sheet of paper. I alternated which shapes would lie flush to the paper and which would be elevated.

For those that were flush, I attached them to the 2nd piece of 12×12 paper with Score Tape. For those that were elevated, I used Score Tape to adhere them to fun foam, and then they were adhered to the 12×12 cardstock. I did all the elevated portions last, after placing the non-elevated ones down first, this made lining things up super easy.

The final touches of this project were to matte my photo, using the same Stardream Metallic Cardstocks I had used previously, and to affix some wooden letters to my paper. These letters were first painting, which I didn’t love, but then covered in gilding flakes. Having them painted first was wonderful because there were a few spots where the guiding flakes didn’t fully adhere.

I hope that I have inspired you to get crafty, have fun, and to document even the smallest moments of your life! All those moments are amazing!

The products I used for this project are:

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