Raise your hand if you have a letter board…yup, I do! 

Raise your hand if you find yourself doing the same words and phrases or worse…run out of letters! No bueno!

A couple years ago, I played with the idea of using cardstock to make my own letter board accessories and it worked! Since then, it has opened the doors of letter board creativity and saved me money from buying pre-made pieces.

Whenever possible, especially with holidays, I love to put up a fun or witty phrase or song lyric. Here’s what I made for our entry table this year.

To make this or get an idea of how to make your own custom letter board accessories using cardstock, read on!

I used my Silhouette CAMEO to draw a triangular shape, added the text “the Lord is come” using the Nickainley font, and welded the two shapes together. Then, I had my machine cut out the welded shape from a sheet of the shimmery Curious Metallic in Magma.

If you want to replicate this project, I’ve made the cut file a freebie for Silhouette CAMEO users – download it here!

Next, I cut tabs that were about 0.25in tall by 0.5in wide. The length of your tabs will depend on the depth of your letter board felt surface. Then, I firmly bent the tabs in half with the help of tweezers.

I placed the triangular shape on the letter board and inserted the bent tabs behind it in each corner. I nudged each tab until I knew it was definitely hidden behind the triangular cutout.

Once I was satisfied with the placement of each tab, I put a small dab of Tombow Mini Liquid Glue, placed the triangular cutout on top, and pressed down on each tab to make sure the tab adhered to the cutout.

For the individual snowflake/circular pieces, I manually glued bent tabs to the back of each one and once dried, I inserted them onto my letter board.

The possibilities are endless with this simple DIY method! To check out other holiday crafts from the CutCardStock Design Team, be sure to swing by the Facebook pageHappy Crafting!

Christine (@studio_xtine)